Enrique Iglesias, against prognosis and without help

BarcelonaIsabel Preysler has so many children and was fortunate enough to be able to raise them in such a privileged environment that at least one had to be achieved. It was Enrique Iglesias who recently announced that after 25 years in the music industry, he’s had enough. He advertised it as someone who doesn’t want the thing while doing one live with Ricky Martin and Sebastián Yatra, whereupon he said he would make a record called. publish final that would be “the last” of his career. The third son of Preysler and Julio Iglesias, now 46, revealed to the surprise of his partner that he was “at this moment in life, this chapter of life” when he believes “the time is right”. A reflection he made public after “not months, but years of walking around” and which, no one escapes, comes from the hands of his three children – twins Lucy and Nicholas and little Maria, 3 and 1 years old respectively – which he had with the retired tennis player Anna Kournikova.

Iglesias Jr., who says he will “never” give up music but rather devote himself to it in another way, has a career that is inextricably linked to his father’s character and not because he resembles or supported him. but because it has obviously conditioned him. In fact, Julio Iglesias’s record conditioned him in its two most important moments: to begin and to end.

Enrique Iglesias, born in Madrid but raised in Miami from the age of 13 – he was brought there for safety when the ETA kidnapped his grandfather Papuchi – wanted to be successful in music without help and therefore had to act in secret. It must have been his beloved kangaroo Elvira who left him $ 500 to record his first demo. A lady who kicked Julio Iglesias out when he no longer needed her, but who took her son Enrique home with him so that she had the financial means to do so.

With this Elvira-funded model, and with a representative who stated that his name was Enrique Martínez and that he was from Guatemala, little Iglesias-Preysler received his first contract, an agreement that the young debutant signed to his producer, which he really is was. A masterpiece with which he wanted to prove – and prove – that he was not hired for the cradle, but for talent.

This contract resulted in his abandoning his business administration and management career and later his father stopped talking to him. It was to be expected. An ego like Julio Iglesais, puffed up by 80 albums in 14 languages ​​and 350 million copies sold, couldn’t stand that his son didn’t need it. So much so that the silent anger held him for ten years.

But emptiness wasn’t just paternal punishment, it was contempt as well. As Alfredo Fraile, manager of Julio Iglesias for 15 years, explained, he not only withdrew his word because he had shown that he did not need it, but also described his first album, which his son had sent, as “crap” . Then, when he’d already sold a million copies because it wasn’t crap, the actor was from I am a villain, I am a gentleman he said it was thanks to the fame he received as his son, but it was doomed. 25 years later, this young man, whose Spain no longer waited for him to end his whims as a child, spoiled himself with singing and devoting himself to life from the story he has shown everyone that they were wrong about him. And especially to his father, who musically ran his hand over his face in many ways. And that means soon …

Among other milestones, the singer is the only two # 1 Spanish artist in the US, the only one to appear in the Super Bowl, and the first to hit a billion views on YouTube. He also won a Silver Gull in Viña del Mar and released his second album in 1997 called liveShe has already won a Grammy. His father received his first Grammy 18 years after his debut.

Enrique Iglesias, who, if he wants to know what he’s done, I don’t know what year he was finally in the newspaper archives of theHello! than calling his parents, he has achieved different successes with each of his albums, which have in no way turned out to be brought out of indolence or hope to be able to live on the fame already achieved with the previous ones. Indeed, given the effort and dedication with which he has developed it, it is logical that he decided to change his life.

For his first album, Enrique Iglesias (1995) he wrote the songs and sold 5 million copies. Second, live (1997) reversed the problem Only you by Yazoo in Spanish and came back to the numbers 1, as with the first. With Things of love (1998) received an American Music Award from none other than Ricky Martin. It would take off shortly afterwards We Dance, as the soundtrack of the Movie Wild, wild west. This topic would be the first in English and would rank it # 1 in the US. First edition in English, straight to number 1. I had just dispelled all doubts about the origin of its success. The next record Enrique (2000), catapulted him so high that he ended up playing a duet with Whitney Houston. Everyone still remembers their topic Divine rhythm. He started in 2002 Escape, with which he became a fixture on the Anglo-Saxon market thanks to the topic Hero.

With all and everything that came after that, Iglesias became a pioneer of the Latin outbreak in the Anglo-Saxon world. And he did it long before that Reggaeton would advance the careers of a wide variety of Latin American artists who the US is based on twerk and repeating bases. He was one of the first Latinos to fall in love at their own guns with American audiences, who had always seen their stars sing their songs in Latin American countries.

The greatest success of all was from Enrique Iglesias To dancewho recognized the vein of Latin American urban music in 2014 without English. With the help of the Cuban Gente de Zona, he has taken this path with immeasurable success, which has led to almost 600 million views on Spotify. On the route he was exploring three years later came the Slower. If he were an imitator of his father, he would really continue to torment himself with it after all this Tours World records and records that exceeded all previous limits. But, as I said at the beginning, his father’s career also shaped him when it came to folding. Therefore, as a young man, he decided to relax so as not to become the absent father he had to his children.

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