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American auctioneer, musician and reality TV personality Emily Erin Deschanel Wears was born in Solon, Iowa, USA in 1990 and is best known to the world for her appearance on the A&E show “Storage Wars” (2017).

Have you ever wondered how rich Emily Wears would be in late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate Emily’s net worth is now well over $ 100,000, accumulated from her various activities over the past few years.


Emily is worth $ 100,000


Emily grew up in the small town of Solon as the daughter of auctioneers. Her father, Brent Wears, had his own company called Wears Auctions. Inspired by her parents’ success, Emily unofficially joined her father’s company at the age of ten, but graduated from auction school seven years later. After graduation, Emily was promoted to clerk at her father’s company, but is now the director of Wears Auctions, which has made her fortune.

After high school, Emily enrolled at the University of Iowa, but after a year there, she moved to the University of Wyoming, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in management in 2011.

After graduating from college, Emily settled in Buffalo, Wyoming, where she resumed her auctioneer career; In between auctions, she also made leather dresses and sold her creations, and worked as a waitress to support her early career.

Emily’s career was slowly gaining ground as she worked for several companies including Wyoming Kaufmann Auction, Schur Success Auction and Appraisal, Brannian Auction Company, and others before starting her own company, Wears Auctions West. After making quite good progress with the company, she became a director of Wears Auctions in 2017 and then was cast on the popular A&E reality show, Storage Wars, which continued to add to her wealth. She appeared in nine episodes of the show’s season 10.

In terms of her personal life, Emily has been married to professional rodeo cowboy Cody Kroul since 2017.

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