Electric vehicles: there are already recycled batteries!

We are in the middle of an electric revolution in the automotive world with the increasing spread of electrified (hybrid) vehicles or 100% electric. But while the old combustion engine took many decades to win our trust … The electric motor and, of course, its loyal companion, the battery, still have a lot of “soup” to eat. This is in order to gain the same level of trust among consumers.

Especially in the “green” part of the entire structure of this type of vehicle, which of course also has a view of the batteries. In the end, when a battery “dies”, where does it go?

Well … first of all, let’s go by parts!

Electric vehicles: there are already recycled batteries!

recycled batteries

Therefore, there are many incentives nowadays to switch to the world of electromobility. However, this type of solution is not yet unanimous, because despite the focus on sustainability, some components of an electric vehicle are still extremely polluting, such as the battery, which so far has had few uses after being used and misused in an electric car.

In short, recycling is gaining traction in the market, as we can see from the example that Northvolt is now giving. A Swedish company capable of making a cell using manganese, cobalt and water, all 100% recycled materials from a low energy hydrometallurgical treatment. (The process relies on using an aqueous solution to isolate the metals and then remove any contaminants.)

This makes the company the first in the world to be able to recycle a battery for electric vehicles. With a big goal ahead of you … To recycle 125 tons of batteries a year.

So it is a process that allows 95% of the metals used to be recovered and guarantees a purity very similar to the original use.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Is this the start of the battery recycling bet? It must move forward to ensure the sustainability of the entire market! Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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