Electric vehicles are starting to show what they’re worth in Portugal

Do you still doubt that the future of the automobile lies in electric drives? Well, you can start putting an end to them because even the Portuguese have already started holding onto the world of all-electric cars strongly. Of course, rising fuel prices could be one of the reasons behind the October results, but that trend has not started yet, it has grown over the past few years and seems to have everything to do with it growing in the immediate future.

Electric vehicles are starting to show what they’re worth in Portugal

Electric vehicles Portugal

Electric vehicles Portugal

Therefore, October was a great month for the electric world in Portugal, after all, it was the month when there was the highest sales volume of 100% electric or hybrid cars. We are talking about 3,049 electric vehicles, i.e. 1,715 100% electric cars and 1,334 plug-in hybrid vehicles.

This means that the total number of electric vehicles sold in 2021 has already exceeded the values ​​of 2022. (22,722 vs. 20,004)

However, the best-selling brand was Peugeot, followed by Hyundai, and in third place we have Renault. Peugeot leads the year, followed by Tesla and Nissan.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Is Portugal on the right track? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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