Electric charging: Mobi.E tried to defend itself against the growth!

At the end of 2021 we learned that the administrative unit of the public electric car charging network (Mobi.E) had been advised by ERSE that the fees associated with each fee would have to be increased significantly in 2022. Very significant way? Yes, we are talking about an increase of almost 80%.

Do you know why? Well, after a lot of criticism, it was Mobi.E itself to publish it with a release to sort out the whole situation.

Electric charging: Mobi.E tried to defend itself against the growth!

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Therefore, the company’s main aim is to provide a service in the public interest by guaranteeing the quality of a national network. This network with more than 70 agents and 56 thousand users. Now read:

“Mobi.E offers a very relevant public service in the development of electromobility in Portugal. Many are unaware that without Mobi.E, users would not have universal access to more than 4,800 sales outlets across the country. Or they would not have access to the location of all charging stations and the status of the Mobi.E network via the Mobi.E website or the various apps and websites on the market. “

“The Electromobility Ordinance provides for the collection of tariffs (” EGME tariffs “), which make it possible to cover the costs of these services for dealers (” CEMEs “), operators (” OPCs “) and owners of charging points without financial leeway (” DPCs “).”

“These costs are validated by ERSE as part of the annual tariff setting process. The EGME tariffs are not applied directly to the UVE, but to the CEME and OPC, which therefore tend to be reflected in the tariffs they practice ”.

Do you know the fundamental role of Mobi.E?

“Avoid the doubts that many have about the fundamental role of Mobi.E. And that Mobi.E’s contradiction in this year’s tariff setting was not made public. The latter understands that it is in the public interest to provide this clarification so that there is no doubt about the discreet but essential act he is taking on a daily basis. To defend more than 70 market agents and more than 56 thousand users who have already joined the network.

“To the knowledge of ERSE’s decision, which was published on December 15th and was publicly criticized, both by most market representatives and by users.

Since then, Mobi.E has concentrated on finding a sensible and workable solution. This is in the short time that is available until the new EGME tariffs come into force ”.

“MOBI.E is publicly expressing its satisfaction with the publication of the message from the Environment and Climate Protection Minister from December 30th, 2021.” (shortcut)

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Happy with state aid? Or do you prefer a “tidier” network when it comes to charging an electric car? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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