Electric cars: will the fees become more expensive? Quiet!

A few days ago we reported that the Shipments would be more expensive. All due to a very significant increase in the tariffs of EGME – Management Entity of the Electric Mobility Network, i.e. Mobi.e.

Well, the state has already announced that it is looking into the issue and will compensate users for this surge. This means that the prices of the programs will remain unchanged in 2022.

This was announced by the Ministry for the Environment and Climate Protection yesterday.

Electric car fees are becoming more expensive. But let’s help

Shipments go

As a result, the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) EGME tariff will increase by a staggering 79% from January 1st. For around € 0.30 per charge. Increase that has already been heavily criticized by several companies in the industry.

However, the government has already announced that the Environment Fund will finance electric car users to compensate for the increased duties set by the regulator.

In short, the goal is to pay in 2022 what will be paid now in 2021.

Why State Aid?

According to João Pedro Matos Fernandes:

“This is support for an emerging sector of small size but which is vital for Portugal to achieve the goals it was associated with. Therefore, in the current context of uncertainty in the development of energy tariffs in the electricity sector, it is important to ensure a certain stability of charging prices in the national electromobility network by supporting the users of electric vehicles, which helps to promote the introduction of this directive.

Does this help solve the charging price issue?

No. It is necessary to change the way the entire system of fees works on national soil. In order to achieve the recently proposed goals, it is necessary to reintroduce hybrids in connection with petrol stations and to continue to rely on sustainable mobility.

Portugal can and should be a role model in electromobility.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Is that the solution? And in 2023? How is it going to be? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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