Electric cars: fires? There is smoke but no fire!

Usually when an electric car catches fire it’s soon in the news and it almost always goes viral and gets a little bit shared from every online platform. But you have to be aware of this, because electric cars are far from the only ones that catch fire. In fact, they catch much less fire than internal combustion engine cars on the market.

In short, mistakes happen, and in an automotive world as technological as this, things are perfectly normal. but happen but let’s go in parts.

Electric cars: fires? There is smoke but no fire!

So it’s not just drivers or the general public who don’t fully understand how the automotive world works. Sometimes journalists are caught in the net by “fake news” or on the hunt for clicks.

And of course, one of the topics that clicks the most is even the hint that electric cars are a “walking firehazard”. But is that true?

electric fire

First off, one of the most important points almost always is that an electric car will burn for a long time and it will be a difficult fire to put out. Okay, right, but that “hides” the positive side is that this type of fire starts very slowly, allowing residents all the time to escape.

Additionally, the numbers relating to the cars that catch fire give the electrical world an incredible edge

In the end, if we do the math by the number of cars sold, out of 100,000 vehicles sold, we only have 25 burning electric cars. For comparison, we have 1,529 cases in gasoline-powered cars and 3,474 in hybrid cars, which combine both technologies in a single vehicle.

In short, don’t pay too much attention to the viral news you see on the internet about electric car fires. There are fires, IN EVERY CAR, and in fact, since electric vehicles are much less complex systems, they have much fewer numbers.


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