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Emanuel Herrera Batista is the maiden name of the reggae artist El Alfa El Jefe, who was born on December 18, 1990 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He became known among other things with his singles “Coche Bomba”, “Tarzan” and “Muevete Jevi”.

Have you ever wondered how rich El Alfa El Jefe was at the end of 2017? According to authoritative sources, El Jefes net worth is estimated at up to $ 300,000, an amount he made through his successful career in the music industry that was actually less than a decade in existence.


El Alfa El Jefe net worth of $ 300,000


El Alfa grew up in Haina, Santo Domingo, and was inspired by the reggaeton movement early on. As he got older, his devotion to music became more intense and he began looking for a way into the music industry. He started a YouTube channel where he started posting music videos and got noticed in no time. He was noticed by a number of other musicians and began a number of collaborations. In his early career, El Alfa worked with musicians such as El Super Nuevo, among others.

His YouTube channel slowly began to fill with music videos from El Alfa El Jefe, which steadily increased his popularity. Today he has more than 400,000 subscribers while his videos have been viewed more than 125 million times, which has greatly increased his wealth. In addition to the YouTube channel, El Alfa El Jefe has also released a number of studio albums, mainly through his own record label, El Jefe Records, but also through Sunflower Entertainment. His albums include “Dembow Exitos” (2013), “Dembow Exitos Vol. 2” (2014) and “Disciplina” (2017), the sales of which have greatly increased his fortune.

He broke the Dominican Republic’s borders, garnered a fan base in the United States, and even performed at Madison Square Garden, one of the most prestigious venues among many in the United States, which also boosted his fortune significantly. As he continues his career, it is very likely that El Alfa’s wealth will grow steadily.

Regarding his personal life, El Alfa El Jefe, no information is available on the most intimate details of El Jefe as he tends to hide such information from the public. However, he is something of a philanthropist who has helped Dominican children with school expenses and sports.

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