“Don’t Look Up” sets a new Netflix record!

Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” finally became available to the audience to stream over the Christmas holidays … and stream it!

The top-class cast included Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo Dicaprio, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett, Timothy Chalamet, Chris Evans, and Ariana Grande.

The film tells the story of two astronomers (Lawrence and DiCaprio) from the state of Michigan who embark on a media tour to warn the public that an approaching comet will destroy the planet after the president (Streep) and their son (Hill ) told them about being “stuck” with the information until after the mid-term elections.

Although the film received mixed reviews from audiences and critics, everyone seems to agree that the Adam McKay The climate change parody is a must.

“Don’t Look Up” breaks a new Netflix record

Don't look up
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“Don’t Look Up” topped the Netflix charts and is the film with the most viewing hours for a single movie in a single week. Netflix confirmed to Deadline that the film had been viewed 152.29 million hours in the week from December 27th to January 2nd.

Although the film has only been on the market for less than a month, the film is already the third most watched film on Netflix, behind Sandra Bullock‘s Bird Box and 2021’s Red Notice, which starred the Jungle Cruise actor Dwayne Johnson, “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds, and “wonder woman” Gal Gadot.

Netflix does not publish daily data, so it is possible that the film will soon become the most watched film in Netflix history.

Fans remain divided over the movie’s new record

Adam McKay retweeted the message to his Twitter Page where the news was shared in the same way as the film itself.

“152 million hours were wasted on this horrible, uncomfortable movie,” wrote one user.

“This film is a masterpiece,” wrote one supporter, to which someone replied, “It was good, but in the end I expected more.”

“That doesn’t mean we need a sequel to Netflix …” wrote another, although some people asked how a sequel might be possible given the end of the movie. “World ended,” answered another. “Like the total and complete destruction of planet earth.”

“As it should be, it’s a fire movie with a message that everyone should see as it applies to everyone,” added another.

“As a scientist who has had many conversations with people in the US on various pressing issues, I can say this film is painfully accurate,” tweeted another fan have isolated like-minded bubbles. It’s bad out there. “

“I’ve looked at it about 5 times so far,” added another. “I have the feeling that the film has more reality than we understand …”

“The film was so long, that’s 4 clocks in total,” wrote another user. “But it’s a treat.”

“I hope the audience got the right message from the film,” wrote another, to which someone replied, “We’re all going to die and we can’t do anything about it? Great message. Really uplifting. “

Critics are divided over the film’s “sermon” message

Don't look to the cast
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Rotten Tomatoes’ results have only changed one percentage point since Christmas Day. The tomatometer score dropped from 56% to 55% and the audience rating from 77% to 78%. So it’s clear that the film still divides audiences and critics.

Rick Marshall of the Digital Trends called the film “A brilliantly written, wonderfully acted, and depressingly realistic satire about the environment America is currently in and the threat it poses not just to the country but to the future of humanity.”

to mark Meszoros of The News-Herald wrote, “Ideally, ‘Don’t Look Up’ would make you laugh AND inspire you to learn more about climate change. The way it is, it usually makes you tired. “

Ariana Grande in Don't look up
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Ruben Peralta Rigaud von Cocalecas wrote: “It’s not subtle, but as the killer in ‘Se7en’ said, you can no longer just pat people on the back, you have to hit them with a sledgehammer.”

James Berardinelli of ReelViews wrote, “Despite an unimaginable cast and a seemingly unmistakable premise, Don’t Look Up is a failure on too many levels, and while viewer numbers may please Netflix, it’s a shock to see.” Such a top-class film destroys itself. “

Matthew Lucas of From The Front Row gave the film a scathing review, writing, “This is not just a noble mistake, it’s an absolutely bad film, an attempt to address a very real planetary crisis in the simplest and most misguided terms.”

Shawn Edwards of Fox 4 Kansas City gave the film one of the worst, but also one of the most comedic reviews, saying, “If I want to be preached, I just go to church.”

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