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Don Gummer was born in Louisville, Kentucky, USA on December 12, 1946 and is a sculptor best known for his numerous free-standing sculptures, often made of bronze and various other materials. He is also the husband of actress Meryl. All of his efforts have helped make his fortune what it is today.

How rich is Don Gummer? As of late 2016, sources estimated a net worth of $ 10 million earned through a successful career as a sculptor. He has created table and wall sculptures, as well as large outdoor work, and some of the unusual materials he has used are stained glass and aluminum. All of this has secured the position of his fortune.


Don Gummer net worth of $ 10 million


Gummer studied at Ben Davis High School and, after matriculating, went to the Herron School of Art from 1964 to 1966 and then to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts for four years. He graduated from the Yale School of Art with a degree in fine arts. He then completed his Master of Fine Arts, in particular with David von Schlegell.

His first solo show was in 1973 and since then he has appeared in numerous galleries across the United States; his work is also shown in museums and group exhibitions. One of his most popular commissioned works is the Primary Compass, completed in 2000, a sculpture outside the Butler Institute of American Art. He also made a sculpture / fountain in the Historic New Harmony. Another work is the stained glass and stainless steel sculpture entitled “Southern Circle” located in the city of Indianapolis. In 2006 he created the installation art “Primary Separation” at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Some of Gummer’s public collections are in the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, and Indiana University-Purdue. All contribute to his fortune.

According to critic Irving Sandler, Gummer’s art is rooted in constructivism, but also steers this art form in a new direction and makes it contemporary. Don is also known for adding a postmodern feel to abstract compositions.

For his personal life, Don is known to be married to Peggy Lucas in the early 1970s, but eventually divorced. In 1978 he married actress Meryl Streep and they have four children, including model Louisa, actress Grace, musician Henry Wolfe and Mamie, who is also an actress. Streep describes their relationship as a “Perfect Odd Couple”; Interestingly, they married six months after the death of actor John Cazale, with whom she was in a serious relationship. Don also mentioned getting used to his wife’s hugely successful acting career. Together with Meryl, he donates a lot of money to art organizations and educational institutions. These include the Silver Mountain Arts Foundation and the Opus School in Harlem. Gummer was also named after his mother’s twin brother, who died in World War II.

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