Do you think the Sony PlayStation 5 is worth buying?

PlayStation 5 is about to hit the market for a year, but due to the production crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still not enough units for all players who want to take the plunge into the next generation. But is it really that bad?

Do you think it makes sense to buy a Sony PlayStation 5 already?

Sony buy

Sony buy

To be honest, both Sony’s next-gen console and Microsoft’s offering have brought very interesting technologies to the market, which in turn will change the way we play games in our living rooms.

But at least in the case of Sony, most likely due to the pandemic, the reality of jumping to new consoles isn’t much to be gained.

Eventually, the vast majority of truly “next-gen” games were postponed or announced with an “old-gen” version, as is the case with Gran Turismo 7 or God of War: Ragnarok. Everything to enable studios and of course Sony to get money where it really is … That is, from the many millions of high-end consoles sold that have been sold so far.

Let’s face it, in the case of PlayStation 5, we only have 2 exclusives that deserve the name! We’re talking about Ratchet and Clank and Returnal. And of that little “package”, the first is the only one that can attract masses for the Japanese Sony console. The rest of the catalog consists of new releases with some improvements, such as Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding. As well as other PS4 games that, for one reason or another, have received a “next-gen upgrade” to entice gamers, or at least please those who already have a PS5 at home.

In short, if you want to have a PS5 in 2021 and likely for the vast majority of the next year, you’ll have to spend your life in Telegram or Discord groups. Which might not be worth it if the true PlayStation 5 experience isn’t out on the market yet.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Think I’m wrong and it makes perfect sense to jump on Sony’s console? Or, in your opinion, is it worth waiting a little longer until everything has calmed down? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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