Do you remember Clippy? It’s back with Windows 11!

Remember doing a school project or working for your company a few years ago and a clip popped up out of nowhere asking if you needed help with something? Yes, we’re talking about the old ‘Clippy’, the former Microsoft assistant, who, to be honest, was of little help, but he was always a companion.

Well, it seems that Clippy is back, with Windows 11, now as an emoji.

Do you remember Clippy? It’s back with Windows 11!

Hence, the latest Windows 11 preview includes the introduction of a new emoji pack. This is apparently intended to keep a promise made in the summer of 2021. Clippy returned, this time as an emoji.

So this message follows the adoption of a “more fluid” design, i.e. the design of Windows 11. What is clear is that these emojis won’t make it to Windows 10, they are exclusive to Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Why Clippy?

Well, that’s basically a nostalgic prank with Clippy replacing the old emoji in the clip. It’s funny because the wizard was considered something annoying and irritating back then, but now it seems like a caring figure for old Windows XP users.

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