Disney +: This new movie could be Netflix’s undoing!

Lately we’ve seen an intense battle between streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Disney +, and even Amazon Prime Video, all of which are fighting for their main goal … attracting new users and becoming number 1 in the market. That fight, to tell the truth, was easily won by Netflix.

However, the truth is that there are some surprises from various platforms. After all, I saw a fantastic movie on Prime Video the other day that led me to renew my subscription indefinitely. And today I saw another film, this time on Disney +, that could really give this platform a new lease of life in the market. But what project are we really talking about?

This is the most successful horror film on Netflix!

Disney +: This new movie could be Netflix’s undoing!

Hence, the project we’re talking about is nothing short of a movie called Free Guy: Improbable Hero. Since it was released in theaters around the world in August this year. And it was really successful in public and even made a good profit.

However, the truth is that if you want to see the movie now, you can only do it on Disney +. After all, the film is now available on this platform for anyone who wants to see it. Count on a brutal story that will not leave anyone indifferent.

So know that Free Guy is about an NPC in a game that eventually develops a life of its own. That he is ready to change his life and become free. But when he meets a real girl he falls in love with easily, he finally discovers that the mission is different and much more important.

Disney + movie

In short, did you have the opportunity to see this fantastic film? If not, do me a favor and join Disney + now. This design is something very special.

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