Did you notice? Gasoline and diesel leak increased by 3 cents

Presumably he was distracted by the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year … But maybe he should be more careful, because over the course of the year fuel prices rose again.

For the prices … well … you are starting to suffocate for the most common Portuguese.

Fuels: Did you notice that? Petrol and diesel increased by 3 cents

Petrol and diesel.

Therefore, the year 2022 started on a large scale with a significant increase in fuel prices, as you may have noticed at most gas stations in the national supply network.

This is apparently due to a renewed increase in the value of the main raw material (petroleum), which at the time of this writing costs $ 80 per barrel. We question this increase again when the departures take long to reach the stations, but any increase is an excuse for an increase in the value of the end product.

Nevertheless, the average price of Diesel Simple is now 1.497 euros per liter, while Gasolina Simples 95 reaches 1.664 euros per liter.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? How do you experience this new price madness? Let us know your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

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