Did Kim Kardashian hire a body double for the movie date night ?!

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have to stop playing games with our hearts.

The new couple took the media by storm with their unexpected romance and their fans are going absolutely insane.

So much so that the couple reportedly hired a body double to deter fans from following them on a recent date night.

Kim & Pete are causing a stir everywhere!

Kim Kardashian breaks silence about relationship with Pete Davidson ?!

Pete and Kim recently had a date at the movie theater on Staten Island, New York. The two were filmed and photographed walking into the theater and waving to the fans.

No body doubles were used in the production of this film evening.

It was AFTER the movie that the couple reportedly enlisted the help of Look-a-Likes.

After the first part of their date, Kim and Pete grabbed something to eat at the upscale restaurant “Angelina’s Ristorante”.

The couple famously posed with the restaurant owner and this photo made the rounds on social media.

Now the owner of ‘Angelina’s’ is talking about her devious plan of action.

Vincent Malebra spoke with SI Live about the famous couple’s date at their restaurant and said, “Let’s just say the majority of the group ate pasta.”

It was a group of ten who drove from the theater to the restaurant in three cars.

Pete, Kim and Co., including Scott Disick, caused so much attention on the streets that a traffic jam formed right in front of the restaurant.

Scott Disick crashed Kim & Pete’s date night

Scott Disick

Witnesses and bystanders said the road had to be closed because of the crowds and refusal to leave the area.

Malerba said the scene was so wild that he had to close the restaurant’s elevator.

“Someone posted their arrival on social media. Then people snuck into the kitchen to get the elevator down from the first floor. I had to catch this entrance, ”said Malerba.

On Friday, the day before dinner, security guards were dispatched to the restaurant to scout the site and ensure that a security action plan was in place.

Malebra said the SKIMS founder was a “sweetheart” and personally stunning.

Kim & Co. spoiled with Italian food

CapitalFM reports that Kim used a body double; However, SI Live did not mention a body double in her report.

Kim has definitely used body doubles in the past, especially when it comes to outfit for photo shoots.

She said that skipping the process of trying on different outfits will save her a lot of time and it is clear that she is getting as much time as possible.

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