Diablo 1 only had to sell 20,000 copies to make money

How many copies do you have to sell these days for the development team to make a profit? 1 million? 5 million? Most? It always depends on the project, doesn’t it? Well, in 1996 Diablo only needed to sell 20,000 copies … How times have changed!

Diablo 1 only had to sell 20,000 copies to make money

Diablo 1

So Diablo 1 was created by half a dozen dripping cats and a budget that probably didn’t even cover a bigger snack, that was in 1996. But that’s how it worked back then. In fact, at the time, Blizzard wasn’t even sure it could cover its expenses selling copies of the game.

But he did it, the budget was so limited that the sale of 20,000 copies of the old RGP campaign was enough to bring a few euros into the studio’s profit. Which in turn prompted the studio to plan a sequel, which of course already had a “friendlier” budget.

However, if we go a few years ahead, we have to check out Diablo III, the newest game in the franchise that has sold 30 million copies in three years alone! How will Diablo IV behave? It seems the project has already “restarted” 3 or 4x so it has to be a much bigger success than any other game in the saga to make real money. Especially now that Blizzard is having a hard time.

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