December 2021 free Xbox games

A new year is just around the corner and video game fans are preparing for the releases that will arrive in the coming months. However, it never hurts to experience some dark and classic games. Fortunately, Games With Gold users can enjoy some quirky titles before the end of December 2021.

It should be noted that if you have a current Xbox Live Gold subscription, you still have time to download some October titles. Before the end of the month, service members can abstract and Lego Batman 2 DC superheroes. You can download it until December 15th Kingdom two crowns. Learn more, follow this link.

What games will you be able to download for free on Xbox One via Xbox Live Gold / Games With Gold in December (2021)?

Play Xbox Live Free Games with Gold December 2021

In December (2021) Xbox One users with a current Xbox Live Gold subscription can get these games for free: The escapists 2 and Tropico 5 – penultimate edition.

  • Developed by Moldy Toof Studios and Team17, The escapists 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed strategy-RPG from 2015. Under the control of an inmate, players must follow the prison routine and do other prisoners a favor as they plan their escape. In addition to the introduction of new facilities and items, a new combat and multiplayer system will be introduced.
  • Even if the title doesn’t suggest it, Tropico 5 – penultimate edition is the definitive version of the management and construction simulator from Haemimont Games. In the role of El Presidente, players must guide the progress of a small Caribbean nation to ensure the happiness of its people. The game includes competitive multiplayer.

What games will be able to download for free on Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Gold / Games With Gold in December (2021)?

Xbox 360 users subscribed to Games With Gold can download Orcs must die! and Insanely twisted shadow planet. Because they’re backward compatible on Xbox One, eighth generation console owners can enjoy these titles:

  • Developed and distributed by Robot Entertainment, Orcs must die! is a tower defense game. As a war wizard, players must set traps and use all kinds of weapons to stop the horde. As the campaign progresses, they will have access to upgrades that will allow them to improve their arsenal. Unfortunately, this title does not have a multiplayer mode.
  • Developed by Shadow Planet Productions, Insanely twisted shadow planet is a 2D action adventure that shines with the designs of the artist Michel Gagn. Players must explore a mysterious planet while solving puzzles and avoiding dangerous creatures.

Can these free games be played on the Xbox Series X / S?

Thanks to the Xbox Series X / S backward compatibility system, all December (2021) free games can be played on Microsoft’s next generation platforms.

What do you think of the selection of free Xbox games that will be available in December (2021), courtesy of Games with Gold? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Xbox Wire

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