DDR5 RAM is the youngest victim of the “crisis”

With the introduction of the Intel Core 12000 processors, we welcome the new DDR5 RAM memory standard. The problem is that, like so many other components and electronic products, starting inventory was extremely low and therefore the price of every single kit based on the new standard immediately went up incredibly.

Well, the initial inventory was low and the product replenishment is also weak because the manufacturers are no longer able to produce modules!

DDR5 RAM is the youngest victim of the “crisis”

DDR5 RAM is that

So that’s not too serious at first! Ultimately, as I have been saying for some time, the first DDR5 RAM memory kits do not offer any great advantages over the ‘old’ DDR4 memory. They are almost always slower and extremely expensive.

Nevertheless, the demand far exceeded the supply, which in turn led one of the largest RAM memory manufacturers in the world to go public with comments on the situation.

We are talking about Micron, which confirmed the serious difficulties in the manufacture of DDR5 RAM modules not due to the lack of memory chips themselves, but due to the lack of PMIC and VRM components. In other words, what messes up memory is the unrelated components of memory. Interestingly, these are also components that are becoming scarcer in the world of SSDs.

In short, due to the popularity of Intel Core 12000 processors and the much higher than expected adoption of the DDR5 standard. Manufacturers do not have enough components to meet all demand. However, everything is expected to improve over the course of the next year.

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