DDR5 RAM barely arrived … It’s there, man, and it’s getting even more expensive

As you may know, the recently released DDR5 RAM is anything but wallet friendly. Which is kind of boring, but the truth is that things just work in the tech world … The new standards start out expensive, and as they are implemented in our everyday devices, they keep getting cheaper.

However, before the cycle begins towards the grand goal of getting cheaper, DDR5 RAM becomes even more expensive. Why? Well … it’s the production crisis to blame!

DDR5 memory barely arrived … It’s there, man, and it’s struggling to keep the price!

DDR5 bad

Hence, DDR5 RAM memory will be even more expensive than what we have already seen and what to expect in this early life cycle. In the end, although the world of RAM memory has largely escaped the production crisis so far … Everything indicates that things will change by the end of 2021.

This is because current modules are not produced using the most advanced nodes in the industry, namely the old 14nm process that Intel and AMD have used for so long.

A hub, which of course it is, is starting to get pretty saturated with more and more orders spread across all of the world’s major semiconductor manufacturers. As if that weren’t enough, the new standard also suffers from a lack of chips. PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit) naturally includes the DDR5 RAM integrated in the DIMM.

A small component that is 10 times more expensive than what we could find in “old” DDR4 RAM. A “small” difference that will lead to a very significant increase in the price of the modules that come on the shelves.

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