DC League of Superpets, trailer reveals Superman and other heroes

After its announcement a few months ago DC League of Super Pets has finally received its first trailer. Although the promotional material from DC League of Super Pets He had already shown what some characters look like, like Ace the Hound and Superman, the video lets others see it. Batman, Wonder woman, Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) and Cyborg are some of those in the trailer for DC League of Super Pets . What other characters might appear?

Below is everything that is known DC League of Super Pets.

When is the release date of the film DC League of Super Pets?

In the United States, it is the release date of the film DC League of Super Pets will be May 20, 2022. In Colombia and the rest of Latin America, the premier date is DC League of Super Pets It will be May 19th of the same year. In certain countries it is published the day before.

What is the film about? DC League of Super Pets?

DC League of Super-Pets DC League of Super-Pets Trailer Batman Superman Cyborg
Although they won’t star in the film, Superman, Batman, Cyborg, and other members of the Justice League appear in the first trailer for DC League of Super Pets.

The history of DC League of Super Pets is about crypto, the super dog, played by Dwayne Johnson and dubbed into Latin Spanish by Juan Carlos Tinoco. Together with Superman, the super strong dog fights the crime in Metropolis. Everything changes, however, when Superman and the rest of the Justice League are defeated and kidnapped by Lex Luthor. Without many options, crypto has to convince an animal gang –Ace the dog, PB the miniature pig, Merton the turtle and Chop the squirrel– Master his own newly acquired powers and help him save Superman and the other superheroes.

Who is behind the production?

Jared Stern, Author and consultant of the films of LEGO, makes his directorial debut. The script was written by John Whittington, Co-wrote the films of LEGO. The film DC League of Super Pets is produced by Patricia Hicks, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia and Jared Stern. The executive producers of the film are John requa, Glenn ficarra, Nikolaus stoller, Allison Abbate, Chris leahy, Sharon Taylor and Courtenay valenti.

The production designer is part of the Stern creative team Kim Taylor (LEGO Ninjago the movie) and the editorial team David egan (Game night) and Jhoanne Reyes (Teen Titans Go!). The music is in the hands of Steve Jablonsky, best known for the films of Transformer.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures Latin America

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