Date and details of the event Fraktur: Tenrai

The big anniversary event of gloriolethat coincided with the release of the free multiplayer game by Infinite It’s near the end, but there’s already a replacement: Fracture Tenrai will allow us to receive multiple rewards, including Yoroi armor, without having to spend a single peso.

What is the Fraktur: Tenrai de de Halo infinite?

It’s a kind of “Battle Pass” where the points and experience we gain for playing allows us to go through 30 levels, each with a reward. It’s completely free.

Halo Infinite: date and details of the event Fracture: Tenrai Yoroi armor

As revealed in a Halo Wapoint blog post in September, the event will be available for one week of each season 1 month. That is, it will go away, but it will come back some time later. We will keep the progress we are making in the reward tiers so that we have multiple options to complete it.

The main reward of the event is that Yoroi armorthat will enable us to look like a great space samurai.

What is the date of the event Fracture: Tenrai de de Halo infinite?

The event starts today Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. (Colombian time) and it will be available for a week. Remember that the event will return in December. So don’t worry if you can’t make it to the last level of the pass.

Source: Halo’s official Twitter account

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