CTT Expresso: Pay attention to your orders!

We live in a time where more than ever people are using online shops to make their purchases. In most cases, this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In others, because we are abroad e.g. B. Find some things on Amazon that are quite difficult to get here. So that all of this works and the products reach us, there is another intermediary in between: – The freight forwarders. But what if they fail? Apparently this happens to some orders delivered by CTT Expresso with a serious problem in between. According to reports that appear on social networks and on the da Complaint portal, orders are delivered, signed, but people do not receive them.

CTT Expresso: Pay attention to your orders!

One of the most recent cases involves Amazon and a customer who not only did not receive what was purchased, but who reported the order as delivered and even had someone sign it. In this case it becomes even more complicated to solve the problem!

The person in question bought a game for the Nintendo Switch, in this case Hotwheels Unleashed for the Switch, which was at a super price (still from the Twelfth Night deals).

As the customer says, “the shipment was sent quickly as usual (I’ve already placed over 100 orders on Amazon, with no problems) and I followed the same thing on the Spanish Amazon website”.

In the end, however, it didn’t go well. The order is said to have been delivered on January 5th at around 9 a.m. Unfortunately, this does not correspond to reality.

ctt express orders

The address was correct, as were the other dates, but nobody received anything. At least who should have got it. The signature also does not correspond to that of the person responsible for the order, but it makes sense here because nothing is signed at the time of COVID. Anyway, someone got the package and took it. But he wasn’t the one who made the purchase.

What does CTT say?

After communicating with the CTT Expresso service through the website, phone contact and email, it was said and underlined several times that there was proof of delivery and the order was successfully delivered to the recipient.

ctt express orders

The thing is, nothing fell into the hands of the buyers!

However, the customer who remained without the order has already reported the case on the complaint portal and signed the complaint book in which the situation is disclosed. The answer, again by e-mail, comes with a proof of delivery and a signature that does not correspond to the legitimate person.

Fortunately and in order not to be a total write-off, Amazon decided through no fault to return the money to the victim. This is because the game was already sold out and it was not possible to ship a second unit.

In other words, something is going on. However, this is not an isolated incident and we just need to open the complaints portal to find other situations similar to the one reported here.

ctt express orders

Again, there’s a signature that doesn’t match the person who placed the order and another product that got into the wrong hands.

But other cases are also reported on this portal. Including another very recent one.

ctt express orders

Definitely something is happening and that leads to a lot of speculation on the part of customers. What do I do with my orders? Is it bad faith or is it just multiple mistakes? Several people refer to this both in social networks and on the complaints portal.

Be that as it may, and given the marked increase in these types of cases, it is very likely that CTT will very soon begin investigating these problems, which have certainly gone unnoticed by those responsible.

However, if you also encounter this problem, please use the comments box to report this situation.

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