‘Crims’ wins the Ondas award for best radio program

crime, Carles Porta’s room for Catalunya Ràdio, was awarded the Ondas Prize for the best radio program in Spain. The awards organized by Ràdio Barcelona, ​​which will reach their 68th edition this year, were at this afternoon. announced The window, a program by Carles Francino. The jury found that Carles Porta’s program “restored the radio narration of the black chronicle with journalistic rigor, maximum quality and success”. This year Ondas received 550 nominations from 17 different countries with a jury of 21. The award ceremony will take place on November 16 at the Teatre Coliseum in Barcelona.

Iñaki Gabilondo was awarded a special prize “for his long career in the service of broadcasting”. According to the jury of the SER Chain Awards, “their ethical example and their commitment to the values ​​that honor journalism are a role model for men and committed women in radio work, even in times of unrest and incognito in the world of communication.” The professional is Ángeles Afuera, a documentary filmmaker for the SER.

There was also recognition on the radio for the format of the podcast: the winners ex aequo They were Totally ideal weekly deformity, from Radio Primavera Sound, i Stretch chewing gum, from the podium podcast. Both projects are led by communicators and comedians: Lucía Lijtmaer and Isabel Calderón Peces-Barba are responsible for the Ràdio Primavera Sound room, while Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín are responsible for Podium. “We were more prepared for the waffles than for the awards,” said Carolina Iglesias, who recalled that it was mainly thanks to her fans that the podcast managed to be one of the most heard in Spain.

Apart from the award for crime, Radio in Catalan has also received another recognition, that of the best local radio program to go into space What are you playing on!which is broadcast on SER Catalunya. “Radio is a warm-blooded creature and that’s true, it is What are you playing on!“, Recalled Sique Rodríguez, moderator of the SER Catalunya room.

The coverage of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano has a special memory in the list of awards. The jury highlighted the work of the news service Cadena SER in the Canary Islands and awarded it the prize for the best special program. The misfortune of La Palma also had an impact on the television prices, since Televisión Canaria received the award for the best television program from a non-governmental broadcaster.

Award for Vicky Luengo

In the television section, there was also recognition for fake talent on Catalan television. In this case, the best actress award went to Vicky Luengo, Star ofRiot police (Movistar +), winner of the Ondas for the best drama. “The character changed my life on a professional level,” said Luengo Francino in an interview with The window. In the male performance category, the award went to Álvaro Morte, the iconic teacher of The paper house, which will be finally dismissed by the audience in December. The jury awarded prizes in comedy ex aequo a Lost fagot, Bob Pop’s autobiographical series produced by El Terrat, and Come on johnwho have favourited political satire with Javier Cámara. The jury emphasized that the bob-pop series taught that “we can laugh at the toughest experiences in life”.

Jordi Évoles meeting with Pau Donés in his last days, You give it to me, won the award for the best documentary film. For the Ondas jury, “the documentary shows us that you can begin to live when we say goodbye to life” and that by placing the conversation at the center. Also in the field of television, Roberto Leal, presenter of Pasapalabra (Antenne 3), won the award for best presenter.

In music, the price ex aequo for Aitana and Pablo López, two in Operation Triumph and that they have managed to eclipse the Talent show. For his part, Mikel Erentxun received the award for his musical career for his latest album. Guarding friends, an album in which he pays tribute to his former group Duncan Dhu.

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