Coco Austin named a “wreck” after sweeping the couch while cleaning

Coco Austin cleaned her house thoroughly because you know OMICRON!

It is so convenient that her six year old daughter ChanelShe was nearby and filmed a TikTok of her mom cleaning up while dancing.

Coco uploaded the video to Instagram on Wednesday January 5th.

In a black top, pink pants, pink rubber gloves and black UGG boots, Coco danced and cleaned his way around the kitchen, living room and even the toilets.

Her favorite song “GIRL LIKE ME” by the Black Eyed Peas and Shakira.

She titled the video: “When your 6-year-old daughter takes over your TikTok while cleaning up. She’s actually good at filming. “

Chanel definitely gave the videographer a party mood with her film skills.

“She started doing TikToks on her own site when she was 4 before TikTok removed it, they were so hysterical (they removed it due to age restrictions). I’m a bit of a germ-hostile #cleanfreak #alwayscleaning, ”her caption continued. “PS And yes, this mini toilet belongs to Chanel .. She still uses it because it’s so petite.”

Many of her fans were stunned when they saw her cleaning, thinking she had a housekeeper / cleaning service.

Coco really cleans!

Ice-T and Coco Austin at the MTV Video Music Awards 2019 - Arrivals

“No housekeeper? Good for you Coco! Great mom, wife and all-round great lady. Would like to meet you one day, ”wrote one fan.

Another replied: “I didn’t know until now that you could clean.”

One doubting viewer commented: “The funniest thing is damn good to know that you have housekeepers and that’s all for the gram, lol.”

And if Coco swept the couch, you didn’t throw yourself off course … well, then I must be missing something in my own cleaning routine.

She is sweeping her couch

“I’m so confused … She swept the couch 🛋️ with the broom,” exclaimed this fan.

Exactly my thoughts.

But there was one comment above all that caught Coco’s attention and made her take a double stance.

One distraught person commented, “Does anyone else see anything wrong with that, or is it just me !! ?? I’ve been following this train wreck for some time. I’m out!!!”

Coco replied very quickly, “What’s your deal ?? What’s wrong with cleaning? “

Coco ensures a clean home

Ice-T and Coco Austin
Twitter / ICE T

Since Coco is in the public eye after so many years, she has of course heard a lot of criticism, especially when it came to breastfeeding.

Back in early August, the reality TV star and her famous husband Ice-T received a lot of backlash for allowing their daughter to continue breastfeeding.

On Wednesday August 4th, the Law & Order actor tweeted: “News flash! We feed Chanel FOOD … she only sucks mommy’s b ** b now and then … me too !!! “

Fans didn’t take his answer seriously, saying it was “strange”.

Coco Austin with Ice-T and Chanel

One fan tweeted, “And that’s why it’s so strange. For you, it’s sexual. How do you mentally separate the two as a mother? Eww, I wish my five year old would do it when she was five and can talk and go outside and play with friends then she come in and touch my bitches, oh hell no. “

Prior to Ice’s roast session on Twitter, Coco interviewed Us Weekly explaining her reason for occasionally continuing to breastfeed Chanel.

“Chanel still likes my breasts. It’s a great bonding moment for a mother and your child, ”she told the point of sale. “Why is that being taken away from her? … If she doesn’t want it, stop doing it. But I won’t just say no. “

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