Clever new product allows you to SPRAY both salt and vinegar on your fish and chips

Salt and vinegar spray! 2-in-1 SPRAY to recreate the taste of chips at home is available for £ 1.99

  • Premier Foods is launching two new products to flavor your fish and chips
  • Saxa will only launch salt spray and salt and vinegar spray across the UK next month
  • 100ml sprays are designed to help shoppers reduce their salt intake and cost £ 1.99

A clever new product that fish and chip fans can use to spray salt and vinegar on their food is due to hit the UK next week.

British food manufacturer Premier Foods is launching two innovative sprays from Saxa for £ 1.99, one seasoned with pure sea salt and another seasoned with salt and malt vinegar.

The 100ml sea salt sprays will go on sale in Waitrose from Monday 27 September and will be launched in Sainsbury’s the following week, while the duo spray will hit shelves in early October.

Premier Foods says the handy new product is the first of its kind in the industry and will be launched shortly to help Buyers to better control their salt intake.

UK food maker Premier Foods is launching innovative £ 1.99 worth of sprays from Saxa (pictured) that fish and chip fans can use to add salt and vinegar to their meal

One squirt of each contains one percent of shoppers’ daily salt intake, with five sprays equating to a pinch of salt.

The NHS says adults shouldn’t eat more than six grams a day, while the World Health Organization says there should be only five grams a day.

The average person in the UK is believed to consume around 8.1g of salt per day, but that number has fallen by 15 percent over the past decade.

The NHS also states that children between the ages of 1 and 3 should only consume two grams of salt per day. Those 4 to 6 should be limited to three grams and children between 7 and 10 should have a limit of five grams.

The 100ml sea salt sprays (pictured) will go on sale in Waitrose from Monday September 27th and will be launched in Sainsbury’s the following week

Helen Touchais, Brand Director for Flavors and Spices at Premier Foods, said in a statement: “Salt consumption in the UK is above recommendations, with the average adult having 40 percent more salt in their diet than the official recommendations.

“Since almost 20 percent of salt consumption is caused by adding the ingredient when cooking or at the table, the new spray bottle format that we are introducing with Saxa gives the buyer more control when cooking at home.

“Now that the spray bottle format has been successfully introduced in other categories, we expect this introduction will add value to the category by allowing shoppers to control their salt intake without compromising the enjoyment of their meals.”


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