City worker, 36, switched from “Dad Bod” to a six-pack

A new father who refused to have a “father’s womb” has shown the results of his impressive 10kg weight loss.

City worker Alex Royle, 36, was “fueled” to lose fat after his friends warned him that he would have trouble getting fit after greeting his first child.

Determined to prove them wrong, Mr. Royle, who works in the financial services industry, signed with Roar Fitness – Olympian Sarah Lindsay’s brainchild that promises clients a complete transformation and “body of their dreams” in just 12 weeks.

After a high protein diet and heavy lifting, Alex, who is from London, jumped from 12.4 pounds to a lean 10.8 pounds in just 12 weeks.

Before and After: Alex Royle, 36, lost 10 kg in three months as part of the Roar Fitness program

Alex told MailOnline: “I started the program because I wanted to fight the classic“ Dad Bod ”trope. I used to be relatively fit and did a lot of sport, but a combination of lockdown and a new job and baby didn’t help.

“If I’m being honest, all of my pals who have had kids thought, ‘this is going to happen, get used to it, you’ll be fat and tired all the time” – but that actually spurred me on.

“I was excited and wanted to prove to my pals that they were wrong. You don’t have to give up. ‘

As he embarked on his weight loss journey, the city worker replaced his desk convenience lunch with a high-protein plastic container and began exercising four days a week.

The exercise program included a split phase of lower and upper body workouts and saw Mr. Royle increase his weights over time.

He said, “I trained four days a week, Monday through Thursday, so the coach had to make it so I didn’t have a break.

‘We made a consistent weight progression. The weights I was moving increased every week, and I was lifting heavier weights all the time. So it was always good to be mentally looking forward to it because I had an expectation of what I could do.

“I was relatively fit and strong beforehand, so I wasn’t surprised at the beginning because I returned to the position I had in my youth – but the climb went further than before.

“But I was able to maintain the strength that I had while I was 10 kg lighter.”

He added, “I enjoyed it very much – I had a prejudice that it would be a challenge, both physically and mentally, that would help. I also wanted it to be a shock to the system.

“I thought I knew what I did in the gym, how to count macros and how to diet, but obviously I didn’t.

“Before the program, I never shied away from doing weights and I did CrossFit. During lockdown when the gyms were closed we had a peloton so I did this to keep going and to keep some structure, but I didn’t really do anything constructive.

“After the lockdown, I started Roar in the middle of summer, which everyone thought was a strange thing.

“But I thought everyone was going to go nuts, to spend a lot of money to eat and drink, and obviously it comes with a cost.

“Over the course of 12 weeks, I would have probably spent the same amount of money every night, so I decided to do this to forego it.”

The town worker said his wife was “very supportive” during his trip and that his colleagues would even prevent him from having a beer to help him, which Mr. Royle found “phenomenally flattering”.

Mr. Royle (left and right after his transformation) replaced his convenience lunch at the desk with a high-protein plastic container and started training with weights

The father of one child said the exercise program included a split phase of lower and upper body training

Mr. Royle has signed up for Roar Fitness, an idea from Olympian Sarah Lindsay (left and right).

Alex worked with Roar trainer Luke Grahame (pictured) during his 12 week transformation

The roar menu: ‘Basa Amor’

Roar Fitness nutritionist Matt Lindsay shares one of his recipes for dinner


Frozen basa fillets

Green beans


Spices, for seasoning

Stock cube (optional)


Preheat the oven to 180 ° C

Wrap two frozen basa fillets in aluminum foil and place in an ovenproof dish

Season with salt, pepper, paprika and a dash of lime for a piquant and tangy taste

Bake for 25 minutes

Steam a handful of green beans for seven minutes

Take 170 ml of boiling water and add 110 g of cous cous, stirring a few times before allowing it to soak in

Add stock cubes and vegetables to the cous cous to enhance the flavor

Serve and enjoy

He continued, “My wife has been very supportive of me – we ate different things all week while we also looked after our son.

“She has been incredibly supportive the whole time and I think she was surprised when you looked at the photos side by side.

“I can be pretty bloodthirsty and jumped into it.

“I haven’t told many others that I am, but my colleagues have given me enough support by allowing me to go to the pub but not to have a beer. They would defend my investment in myself, which was phenomenally flattering.

“I didn’t tell anyone until the end and everyone was pretty surprised.

“They did it that way, when I had something to do – like our wedding anniversary dinner – I didn’t want to ruin the anniversary because I’d decided to do it openly, futile.

“Everyone was very accommodating to life and that was nice because I expected to be said, ‘If you don’t do it, you won’t get results.”

Alex said he ate “a lot more fish than ever” during his program and made a conscious choice to eat less meat – he chose tofu curry instead of chicken.

He said, “I ate a lot more fish than ever and a lot of tofu. I wanted to make a conscious decision to eat less meat.

“I would make a tofu curry instead of chicken, and I enjoyed trying to make this with spices instead of a simple stick.

“I’ve had a little wine the whole time.

“Did I miss cheese – yes. That’s the only thing I’ve done, but that is offset by the fact that you train and see the changes in yourself.

“I prepared meals and cooked lunches in the evenings for weeks. When I prepare something, I might have a glass of wine with it. Maybe once or twice every two weeks. I enjoy it, but it could still be built in.

“I’ve now taken a lot of it with me into my everyday life and routine. I still prepare food and bring meals to work, if only because it saves a remarkable amount of money over time.

“I’m more relaxed now. In the evening I can eat with my wife and eat together without it having to be stressful for the other person.

“If I want to have a pastry in the morning, that’s fine. But the basic structure of how I think about food has been adopted. I enjoy the process and it is very easy. To know that is very empowering. ‘

Alex’s diet beforehand


Snack on the go from anywhere near work

Having lunch

A desk lunch from anywhere in town that was convenient – such as a burrito


A burger pattie, a store-bought pizza, or a chicken-in-a-pot meal followed by snacks

Alex’s diet now


Light pastries

Having lunch

Homemade, high protein meals, including tofu curry


Fish with vegetables and a glass of wine every now and then

Alex said he is paying more attention to his diet now and “it’s both an education and a transformation”.

He added, “I’m more careful now – I’m making sure I want to eat vegetables. Instead of loading a plate with lots of bread, I think about what I’m putting into my body and I feel good about it.

“It was definitely both an education and an exercise.

“A lot of the people I’ve talked to say things like, ‘You have a month off after that and you’ll end up at the worst,” but I think you get what you put into education as a transformation.

“I had an old injury, but working closely with Luke – four hours a week over 12 weeks – we’ve been working on some things and I feel like I have fewer problems than before the intervention.

“It’s about taking care of your body, working on weakness, building muscles. It’s completely therapeutic and I’ve had a very positive response and result. ‘

Roar Fitness is offering gyms in Kensington, Bank and Liverpool Streets and new strength training classes held online in the home or at the Kensington gym.

Roar Fitness has gyms in Kensington (pictured), Bank and Liverpool Street

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