Chrono Cross ‘Remake’ could be announced at the Game Awards

Although it was warmly received by critics on its debut in 1999, Chrono cross Unfortunately, it’s one of those games that lives in the shadow of its predecessor. Several players celebrated that their story, characters and combat system were different from those of the Chrono trigger (1995). However, many regretted that time travel no longer played such a prominent role and / or simply preferred what was being done Chrono trigger. The above led to Chrono cross remain a relatively obscure JRPG.

Fortunately, recent rumors suggest that this game will return with a paint job and in no more or less than. could be announced The Game Awards 2021.

Where did the rumor come from?

Chrono Cross remake the release of the Game Awards in 2021

Although Square Enix has not yet officially confirmed it, some sources suggest that the company may “remake” the. will announce Chrono cross at the Game Awards.

The first is the GeForce NOW leak, which lists the ‘remake’ mentioned above. The second is singer Éabha McMahon, who announced in October that she was recording music for a “remake” of a PlayStation game. Although he didn’t mention the name of the title, he announced that it would be revealed in December. Unless it’s the rumored “remake” of Solid metal gear or a surprising replica of Xenogears or another PlayStation exclusivity, Chrono cross is the only one that matches the description. The only big event that takes place in December is also The Game Awards 2021.

When would the release date of the ‘remake’ of Chrono cross?

The release date of the supposed ‘remake’ of Chrono cross. It will likely come during the hypothetical announcement of the “remake” of. announced Chrono cross at the Game Awards.

Which platforms will it reach?

Although the sources cited suggest that the ‘remake’ of Chrono cross It will be exclusive to PlayStation, has assured Nick Baker – XboxEra co-founder and industry insider – that it won’t. According to its sources, the title will be cross-platform. Baker hasn’t specified which consoles it will hit, although he anticipates it will hit PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

How will the gameplay be of the “remake”?

At the moment it is not known whether the alleged ‘remake’ of Chrono cross retains the gameplay of the original title. As with many JRPGs, the games are turn-based. However, there is a possibility that the latter is in the style of. be updated Final Fantasy VII remake.

Why is Chrono cross?

The history of Chrono cross revolves around Serge, a young man who is placed in a parallel dimension in which he drowned 10 years ago. Determined to solve the mystery behind the death of his other self, Serge teams up with the Thief Kid and the two embark on a journey that will determine the fate of the world. During their journey, the duo can meet some of the 45 recruitable members. Since it is impossible to recruit all characters in the same game, players are encouraged to play the adventure more than once.

Source: XboxEra

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