Chrome 96: Now You Can Activate Windows 11 Mode! See how

Chrome 96 arrived a few days ago and it has brought some interesting news, especially for those who use this browser on their computer. One of them is an experimental flag that makes Google’s browser look like a native Windows 11 application: The new Windows generation relies primarily on rounded corners, small design changes and a transparency effect called mica. We explain how to enable Windows 11 mode in Chrome 96.

Chrome 96: Now You Can Activate Windows 11 Mode! See how

As soon as we activate this flag in Windows 11, we have rounded corners for the main menu, a context menu for the website and a menu for the tab bar. All of this is in Chrome 96. One thing is for sure, it’s a much more native app.

Chrome 96

This visual aspect is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 11. However, it must be activated manually. To do this, you need to open Chrome: // flags. Then search for Windows 11. Then enable the experimental flag. Then restart the browser.

As you can see in the screenshots from the Windows Latest website, many design elements are already built in. However, there will be even more in the coming weeks and releases. There is not yet a date when these changes will be available to the public.

Chrome 96

However, besides the novelty about Chrome 96 mentioned above, there are others that are not directly related to Windows 11.

Cache on forwards and backwards

The first big change for the desktop is the way Chrome handles the back or forward buttons. Sometimes they may not work very quickly when they are very large websites. Chrome 96 uses a new cache that automatically saves the pages we browsed on the computer. On the one hand, it can use up more RAM. On the other hand, it makes everything faster. If this is new to PCs, it doesn’t apply to mobile devices. It has been around since Chrome 86.

Progressive app improvements

Progressive web-based apps are increasingly resembling standalone apps. However, there are things that are not yet perfect. In any case, Chrome improves on this and makes it easier not only to use but also to use it itself.

Dark mode option per site

As noted by Redditor Leopeva64-2, Google added a feature to the stable version of Google that allows you to set dark mode per site instead of making a global decision.

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