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Christel DeHaan, born October 20, 1942, is a German-American businesswoman and philanthropist best known as the Chief Executive Officer of Resort Condominiums International and also as the founder of Christel House International.

What is DeHaan’s net worth? According to authoritative sources, it is slated to total $ 900 million in mid-2017 from her business operations since the early 1970s, including running her business, Resort Condominiums International.


Christel DeHaan is net worth $ 900 million


Born in Nördlingen, Germany, DeHaan is the daughter of Adolf and Anna Stark; her father was a German soldier and died shortly before the end of World War II. She also has a sister named Evelin.

DeHaan grew up in a middle-class family and was able to attend high school in a Franciscan monastery. When she was 16 she decided to move to the UK and started working as a nanny. Four years later, she packed her bags again, moved to the United States and decided to settle in Indiana. She later continued her studies and attended Indiana Central University.

DeHaan’s career began to flourish in 1974 when she and her former husband, Jon Resort, co-founded Condominiums International, Inc. The company soon grew into one of the largest timeshare companies in the world, the success of which increased their fortunes tremendously.

DeHaan ran the company after her husband Jon suffered a heart attack in 1979. In 1987 the two divorced and she received half of the company and also decided to buy up her husband’s stake.

In 1995 DeHaan decided to sell the entire RCI and instead focus on their philanthropic work. In 1998 DeHaan founded Christel Hous International – the non-profit organization aims to help children in different parts of the world through good education, health care and meals.

In addition to dedicating her time to her charity, DeHaan is also known as chairing the board of trustees of the University of Indianapolis, serves on the boards of directors of the Indiana Symphony Society, American United Life Insurance, and Dance Kaleidoscope among others. In addition, she has been awarded several honorary doctorates.

Regarding her personal life, DeHaan first married a military man Ralph Cobb in 1959. They had two sons, Keith and Tim, before they divorced in 1971. She met Jon DeHaan while studying and they married in 1973 and were blessed with a daughter named Kirsten, but the two divorced in 1991. She has remained officially single. She still lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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