Charge your iPhone faster. Expertise!

As you may know, nowadays a mobile phone without a quick charge function, which of course includes the iPhone, is rarely on the market. After all, we have a lot of good devices that promise a 25% charge in less than three minutes or a full charge in just 17 minutes, as is the case with the current Xiaomi 11T Pro.

But in a world where the iPhone no longer comes with a charger, it is necessary to know what we are doing and of course whether it is possible to improve the charging times and the quality of our smartphone.

iphone plus

Charge your iPhone faster. Expertise!

iphone plus

To be honest, the charging speed of the iPhone hasn’t changed since 2017 when the iPhone X hit shelves. That is, more or less 50% in half an hour. Still, there are a few things we can do to improve loading.

1. Buy a quality quick charger!

There’s no shortage of chargers on the market that promise fast charging, but that’s not always the case. You’ll need to look for chargers that support PD, a non-proprietary charging system that Apple uses on its smartphones.

The best option is Apple’s own 20W USB-C charger, but there are other alternatives from good brands like Anker.

2. Do not use your old iPhone charger

Apple removed the charger from the case of its smartphones and said users could just use the old chargers. However, this almost always leads to slow charging, because Apple has been offering slowly charging chargers (5W) in its smartphone box for years, even after it already supports charging with 20W.

3. Avoid wireless charging if you really want to charge faster

Wireless charging is of course very convenient, especially when you are at your desk to work or go to sleep. However, in order to get some battery percentage it is a good idea to avoid this type of charge in order to put on the cord.

Additionally, you also need to keep in mind that wireless charging is still extremely inefficient. This creates heat, which in turn can adversely affect your device’s battery.

4. Using a power bank is a good idea, but choose a “good one”

If you really like the drums, you always have a good alternative with a power bank. However, it should be noted that they are not all the same and therefore not all offer the same charging performance. It is also a good idea to look for PD solutions as we suggest in the ‘normal’ loader.

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