Changes and Additions to Episode 4, Act 1 (Update 4.0)

Brave, Riot Games’ popular competitive shooter, has finally received the 4.0 update that launched Act 1 of Episode 4. Here’s the launch trailer for the new season and some of the new features included.

New Character: Neon

The agent who came to Brave in act 1 of episode 4 it will be neon, the personification of speed.

If you want to know more about neon and its abilities, We recommend you to follow this link.

Competition Mode: Act 1

There is now a new requirement to play in Competitive Queue: Account Level 20.

They also reduced the CR penalties of Diamond ranks 2 and below by 25%. This means that the new minimum penalty reduces wins/losses by 25% compared to the previous 50%.

Battle Pass Episode 4 Act 1 Brave

The new Battle Pass includes exclusive items like the Variant Speed ​​​​​​Shorty, the Valentine’s Tactics Player Card, and the Gun Buddy Are You Chicken?

If we buy the paid version of the pass, we can unlock more tiers of unlockable items.

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