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Chance Sutton was born on September 2, 1996 in Lakewood, Ohio, USA and is a social media star best known for his accounts on popular video sharing tools like Vine and YouTube. Sutton has been on social media since 2013.

What is the Chance Sutton net worth? Authoritative sources reported that his net worth was up to $ 100,000 based on data released in late 2017. The Internet is the primary source of Sutton’s modest fortune and popularity.


Chance Sutton with a net worth of $ 100,000


Initially, the boy grew up with his brother and three sisters in Lakewood, Cuyahoga County, and attended the local high school.

Regarding his professional career, he started posting short videos on the Vine app in mid-2013. The first video, titled “Candy Shop,” was loved by viewers and earned it a number of followers. According to data from early 2017, Sutton has attracted 3.5 million followers. Unfortunately, the aforementioned app was closed, so Chance Sutton switched to another platform called YouTube.

Together with his friend Anthony Trujillo, the new YouTube channel Chance and Anthony started in spring 2017. The channel has over 2.4 million subscribers and more than 104 million views to date. They regularly upload videos on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The most popular videos are those of pranks; to give an example, “Dyed Martinez twin’s hair !!!” has been viewed more than five million times.

Chance and Anthony are known for their collaborations with fellow YouTubers like Logan Paul and the Martinez Twins. In addition, Sutton belongs to the social media group Team 10 and is also active on social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram – in fact, he has almost 300,000 followers on Twitter and over 2.2 million on Instagram.

In addition, he starred in the main cast of the 2016 released indie film “Mono” with Ty Parker, Sam Lerner and Sarah De La Isla.

In summary, all of the above exposures added sums to Chance Sutton’s total assets.

Finally, in the social media star’s personal life, he married Tessa Brooks in mid-2017, and the newlyweds live in Cleveland, Los Angeles.

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