Caution! There are WhatsApp accounts that need to be closed accidentally!

WhatsApp is without a doubt one of the most popular chat apps. Everyone uses it and it’s important for us to keep in touch with those far away. This is why it can be so serious that our account is depleted. As a result, we lose our account, the many conversations we have on the platform and have to stop talking to our friends. In some cases it is temporary, in others it is permanent. There are many reasons why WhatsApp can keep accounts closed. Some “accidentally” and others for something the user did.

Caution! There are WhatsApp accounts that need to be closed accidentally!

As I mentioned at the beginning, this process of closing accounts can be done in two ways. Temporary or permanent.

WhatsApp closed accounts

Temporary ban

Currently, this type of ban is very rare. It’s still happening and do you know why? Unauthorized WhatsApp versions.

These unauthorized versions are known as mods on Android and are really good. In fact, they have features that we didn’t find in the original application. There is one big problem, however. Privacy can be at risk. This is because you never know what code is there. So, using these modified applications, no matter how good they are, is against WhatsApp’s Terms of Use and Services. After a while and if you do not switch to an official version, your account may be blocked. It is almost certain.

WhatsApp closed accounts

Of course, they could just block access to these apps without banning people. However, it is true that they are in their rights.

However, this is not the only reason for the temporary ban. There are actually many more.

  • Create many groups with people whose number is not recorded
  • Send too many messages to people who haven’t recorded the number
  • Send the same message to many people. However, this is very rare these days.
  • Lots of people block it.

permanent banishment

The reasons for the permanent ban are several and there is no turning back. People lose track and that’s it.

From the start, WhatsApp locks accounts that take automatic actions, like sending multiple messages to a large group of people without manual intervention. In fact, 2.5 million accounts are blocked every month as a result.

WhatsApp closed accounts

However, it can also happen if the number in question is associated with suspicious activity.

Accounts that have been reported by a large number of users are also blocked. These are especially those accounts that send us messages with warnings and the like out of nowhere.

However, accounts with suspicious names can also be blocked.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp can also accidentally block accounts …

Yes, a lot of people who didn’t do anything end up banned. After that, it is difficult to recover. The WABetaInfo website has received numerous reports in this regard. And that is very worrying because in some situations there is no reason at all.

But there is a more serious situation as this site reports. Of course, they don’t tell you how to keep users safe, but there are three very simple ways to lock an account. One of them is even circulating on the Internet, but few have noticed. Two more have not yet been released.

Worst of all, if an account is lost because of this, it is very difficult to recover. So maybe it is a good idea to be very careful.

WhatsApp closed accounts

But I will give you some advice. In case your account is locked, try contacting WhatsApp support, but eventually you won’t get a response. So, and if you are certain that you have been wrongly banned, make a lot of noise, a lot of noise. Go to forums, websites, tell your story to attract the attention of those you care about. So many people got their accounts back.

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