Caution! Don’t do this when cleaning your TV or computer screen!

When it comes to cleaning a television screen, there are always people out there who will give you lots of tricks and tips. One of the things I’ve seen is that a lot of people tend to use kitchen towels, handkerchiefs, and other materials. Without realizing it, however, we may take small risks. Therefore, you should never do this when cleaning your television or computer screen. There are the right ways for everything and we will explain which are the best.

Caution! Don’t do this when cleaning your TV or computer screen!

While cleaning the screen of old televisions was basically like cleaning windows, it was glass, everything is completely different with new devices. We need to be careful of the materials and liquids used, and also make sure the TV is turned off before we begin. That way we can see the dirt very well, and not just that.

Microfiber fabric

Clean the TV screen

The first thing you should do is use a microfiber cloth. All great finishes sell and that can make all the difference. Modern televisions are very sensitive to pressure and can be easily scratched. When using a microfiber cloth, the pressure we exert when cleaning is much more homogeneous and so we significantly reduce the possible occurrence of scratches and other problems.

What we really need to avoid are kitchen rolls, newspapers and the like. That’s good for glasses. Are the materials I was talking about fibers that can cause problems?

Don’t forget, however, that a lot of dirt ends up in the corners. So you need to pay special attention to them. In many cases, the ends are the worst.

An essential rule is not to use too much pressure when cleaning, otherwise there may be some surprises in terms of pixels when you turn on the TV that you don’t want.

There is one other point that I need to emphasize. Never use the most common dust rags. This is because they have a more oily composition and are ideal for wooden furniture, but not the rest.

Clean the TV screen

You Liquids for cleaning television and computer screens

Here is a golden rule. Never spray anything directly on the TV. If you’re using any type of liquid, spray the cloth. Otherwise, the TV components may be damaged. However, do not soak the cloth. As soon as I had the cloth with some extra liquid (and it was out of this world) I broke my Mac’s keyboard.

The rule of avoiding marks

Sometimes we just clean the TV and there they are. The notorious brands are ruining our excellent cleaning job. However, there is a trick you can use for this purpose. So clean in even strokes, either horizontally or vertically. Do this with the damp cloth. Then it has to be run through one last time with a dry cloth.

Clean the TV screen

a difficult place to get out of

If you have a stain that is harder to remove, due to food splashes or something else, you can use a very dilute mixture of turned-off water and not-too-harsh soap on the dishes. So it should work. Never use glass cleaning liquids which, because they contain ammonia, can destroy the television set. That only worked on old televisions.

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