Casey Batchelor shows off her incredible two-stone weight loss since welcoming baby number three

She gave birth to her third child earlier this year.

And on Monday, Casey Batchelor, 37, revealed her incredible two-stone weight loss in her latest progress picture.

Casey welcomed her daughter Daisy five months ago in June and has been promoting body positivity on her social media since she trained as a yoga teacher.

Wow: Casey Batchelor showed off her incredible two stone weight loss on Monday after greeting baby number three five months ago

The reality TV star beamed in the photos as she posed in the mirror to show off her amazing post-pregnancy figure.

She stood to one side for the full length for the shoot, wearing black underwear to show every inch of her incredible progress.

The actress-turned-yoga teacher shared her motivational post with a long caption next to the before and after.

Progress: Casey wrote a long caption next to the post as she revealed she went from 11 Brick 3 to a creeping 9 Brick 3

“Nice in both”: Vicky Pattison, colleague of the reality TV star, showed her support for Casey in the comments

She wrote, “A little nervous but excited to share my latest progress picture after Bubba number 3!

‘For your information – in case you are wondering if you are not pregnant in the picture on the left – it was taken AFTER I had my beautiful Daisy!’

Casey announced that she was back on her yoga regimen and that the fitness plan had helped her feel more like her “old me”:

“I did my yoga lightning plan again and managed to lose 2 stones in 3 months. So went from 11 stone 3 to 9 stone 3.

Mom of three: She welcomed her third daughter, Daisy, in June when she shared that she’d done her yoga program again to shed the pounds

“I can even see through a few baby bumps! I still have a little way to go to get back to my happy weight, but I definitely feel more like the old me. ‘

Documenting her trip, she added, “I started with our post-natal plan and then moved on to the classic 90-day challenge and will return to Bikini Blitz when I’m ready.

“I’m just so stunned how great we women’s bodies are – we grow up to be human and then react to all the good exercise and diet stuff to get back in shape – three times in my case!”

“I’m just so stunned how great we women’s bodies are”: Casey encouraged her followers to join her on her weight loss journey and yoga plan

The mother of three shares daughters, Daisy, five months, Sadie, 22 months, and Florence, three, with her fiancé Dane Goodson, 33.

The actress summed up her postpartum weight loss over the course of all of her pregnancies to a staggering eight stones:

‘So my total weight loss over 3 babies was an incredible 8 stones!’

Casey shared the details of her fat loss plan when she encouraged her followers to join her journey:

‘All Yoga Blitz fat loss plans use my formula of simple yoga movements and high intensity exercise plus a calorie controlled diet.

“If you feel inspired, join me on my journey and I will help you achieve your own body goals. Just register on or via the link in my bio above. ‘

Vicky Pattison showed her support for the inspiring mother, another reality TV star, and commented that Casey was “beautiful in both”.

Mom of three: Casey shares her daughters Daisy, Sadie, 22 months and Florence, three (pictured) with fiancé Dane Goodson, 33

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