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James “Buddy” Nielsen was born on February 18, 1984 in the United States of America and is a musician and singer best known for forming the post-hardcore band Senses Fail, in which he acts as the lead singer. He has been in the industry since 2002 and all of his efforts have helped make his fortune what it is today.

How rich is Buddy Nielsen? In mid-2017, sources estimate a net worth of $ 300,000, mostly made from success in the music industry. He has released numerous albums with Senses Fail and is also involved in side projects. His net worth is also expected to continue to grow over the course of his career.


Buddy Nielsen net worth of $ 300,000


The band Senses Fail began when Garrett Zablocki posted an internet ad to recruit members for the band. Buddy found this ad and the duo started working together and writing songs. Dave Miller and James Gill soon joined the band, however disagreements with James led to his being replaced by Mike Glita. The band’s name Senses Fail comes from a Hindu concept that removes all attachments from everything by letting one’s senses fail. The band began gaining popularity locally and then began recording songs. In 2002 they released the EP “From the Depths of Dreams” on ECA Records. The independent release went very well, and a year later they were signed to Drive-Thru Records. Another EP was re-released and found a small success, so the band also went on tour.

Neilsen and the band then worked on their debut album “Let It Enfold You” with the Vagrant Records label, which was successful in the US with 400,000 copies sold. Two songs were released on the album, including “Buried a Lie,” which found mainstream success. The band began appearing in popular magazines as their fortunes grew rapidly. They toured to support the release and played with other popular bands like My Chemical Romance. In 2005 the album was reissued, whereupon Dave Miller left the band to be replaced by Heath Saraceno.

Then they took a break before working on their second album called “Still Searching” which reduced the aggression of their previous songs; the song “Can’t Be Saved” was to be introduced as part of the video game “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock”. The band toured again to support the album.

Buddy then worked on the release of the album “Life Is Not a Waiting Room” for Senses Fail, which she toured again in 2008. Two years later they recorded another album called “The Fire” which was released through Hassle Records. In 2011 they began work on another album called “Follow Your Bliss: The Best of Senses Fail,” which included music from their previous album as well as four new songs. The following year they focused on another full-length album called “Renacer” which was released in 201, after which Buddy concentrated on several side projects, including with the band Speak The Truth … Even If Your Voice Shakes.

In 2016 Nielsen worked on an acoustic EP with Senses Fail. They are still touring and making music.

In his private life, Buddy is known to struggle with sexual addiction, anxiety and depression, as stated in interviews. However, he recently stated that he would like to spend his life with his (unnamed) girlfriend. His mother is actress Lisa Brown, who directed several Senses Fail music videos, including “Buried a Lie”.

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