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Christophe Le Friant was born on May 10, 1969 in Bois-Colombes, Paris, France and is known as Bob Sinclar is a record producer, remixer, DJ and businessman, perhaps best known for owning the Yellow Productions record label. He has been in the industry since 1987 and all of his efforts have helped make his fortune what it is today.

How rich is Bob Sinclar? As of mid-2017, sources tell us they had a net worth of $ 8 million, primarily made through achievements in the music industry. He is credited with developing house music using sampled and filtered disco strings. His net worth is also expected to continue to grow over the course of his career.


Bob Sinclar net worth of $ 8 million


Christophe began his career in the music industry in the 1980s when he started working as a DJ under the name Chris the French Kiss and used a lot of hip-hop and jazz music for his projects. He was responsible for the project The Mighty Bop and Reminiscence Quartet with an ensemble of musicians. During his time with the quartet he used the name Desmond K. His popularity and fortune began to grow thanks to all these opportunities, and in 1994 Christophe decided to start his own label called Yellow Productions with his friend DJ Yellow. Since then they have signed other artists and slowly started to develop their own style of music.

In 1998, Le Friant adopted the new name Bob Sinclar, inspired by the movie “Le Magnifique”. He focused more on house music with filtered and sampled disco strings known as the “French Touch” popularizing a style of music that he believed was centered on love and peace. His first album was “Paradise”, which was released in 1998, and was followed two years later, “Champs Elysees”, which was released through Yellow Productions. Since then, he has helped create several international hits that have further increased his fortune. Much of his music became very popular across Europe, including “Love Generation” with Gary Pine, part of Sinclars album “Western Dream”, which had one of the longest runs in the German Top 10. Another of his popular songs is “World, Hold On” with Steve Edwards.

In 2012 he released the single “Rock the Boat” with Armando Perez. He has released a total of 15 albums, including 2013 “Paris By Night”. In recognition of his achievements, Sinclar received the TMF Award Best Dance International (Belgium) in 2006, but all his efforts continue to add to his fortune.

As for his private life, Bob is known to be married to Ingrid Sinclar; they live in Le Marais, Paris. In an interview, he explains that Bob Sinclar is a character reminiscent of a disco era. He describes Bob as an international mystery man, high-class gigolo, hardcore porn star, mercenary and Riviera playboy among many other titles.

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