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Black Widow, the exciting start of Marvel’s Phase 4 – We’re Not Kids



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Black Widow – Review by Pamela Avendaño and Karla AJ.

Like every week in No Somos Ñoños we bring you reviews of the greatest film, television and video game premieres and although the COVID-19 situation has kept several films and productions in check around the world we are slowly seeing a return to “normalcy” experienced. “

And the fact is that after a two-year hiatus and a triumphant entry into the world of streaming, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is ready to begin its phase 4 with its second female solo film. Black widow.

The band of Cate short country brings us (even for a moment) back to Scarlett Johansson in the role of Natasha Romanoffwho we saw in Avengers: EndgameBut now he’s back with Florence Pugh to solve our favorite superspy’s past.

Was it worth waiting 2 years Black widow? Find out in our test!

Black widow: An exciting farewell letter.

Flashback: Black Widow, the exciting start of Marvel’s Phase 4

Let’s start at the beginning and make sure that this review by Black widow is spoiler-freeso we will only take basic elements of the story.

Found after the events of Captain America: Civil War, the tape introduces us a Natasha Escape from US government agencies after violating the Sokovia Agreement next to Steve Rogers, but as if that weren’t enough, past events from Natasha they reappear, and old ghosts he thought were forgotten are now chasing him.

Here we meet several more than interesting and charismatic characters, such as Yelena Belova (Pugh), sister of Natasha who also flees from these events by a Black widow, Red Guardian (David Harbor), Russian counterpart of the Captain America that wants to regain its fame Melina Wostokoff/Iron Maiden (Rachel Weisz), mother of Yelena Yes Natasha, as well as the mysterious Overseer, skillful enemy who can imitate all the movements of superheroes.

We have to clarify that the tape is divided into 2 acts, the first focused on spy filmsthat is more prone to conspiracies and betrayals that explain more of gross events that we have easily seen in avenger Yes Age of ultron, Events like red room, the kidnapping of girls, as well as their experiments and forced sterilization, all of this while we know previous details such as: What happened in Budapest With Hawk Eye.

The second part is about action‘Here the balance for the agent fluctuates constantly, because despite well executed scenes, they are not to be impressed and are even surpassed by films of the same genre of spies, which have a woman as the protagonist. including Atomic Blonde (2017) with Charlize Theron.

The film by Black widow is too late for the UCM, Although it has the theme of the spies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would have fitted more into the story after those who were Captain America and the Winter Soldier, or sometime in phase three, but we already know that Marvel did the same to Captain Marvel, adapted her story a little bit emphatically and was one of the first films on the phase 3 timeline.

Flashback: Black Widow, the exciting start of Marvel’s Phase 4

The widows …

Yelena’s inclusion on the big screen gives the franchise a fresher twist, a necessary respite after seeing the same actors for a decade while the original Avengers were amazingly enjoyable. Black widow reminds us that the tape is a farewell to the character and Johanssonwhich makes it clear that the future of the MCU has begun.

We’re not denying that Johanson looked spectacular and did a very good job, but we can consider it Florence as the star who steals the two hours of the project. That is, although efforts to give individuality to the spy who accompanied the Avengers for years are overshadowed by the action scenes and jokes that are already superfluous in Marvel.

Where the ribbon shines is in the favorite department of Toreto, The family, since the interaction of Natasha with their “loved ones” enables us to better explore the trauma they have suffered the widows, as well as those who had a period of control very different from the present.

While some found this unnecessary or superficial, it left us with good taste and a desire to see a possible split with this team. For that we can be grateful that the cast knew how to properly develop their characters and that Rachel Weisz looks spectacular. The fight scenes and especially at the climax fill us with adrenaline and fear when we see our heroines at a disadvantage and teach that even an avenger can become vulnerable due to doubts, weaknesses and emotional conflicts.

By the way, in all of this and as a good spy film, the soundtrack of Black widow He left us some catchy songs, especially the cover of Nirvana by Maila J.

But not everything is interesting here because the weakest point of the film is the villain, Overseer, a character with enormous potential who, despite his latest “plot twist”, was overshadowed by his low level of interaction and relevance. Their development seems absurd or irrelevant and shows the failure of the study when working with the antagonists: Is the script to blame? From the address? Or from the higher heights and those Marvel formula? It’s not known exactly why villain stories don’t hold up well in more than half of the films after more than 20 blockbuster projects (Except Loki or Thanos).

It’s hard to tell if Black widow The movie lives up to expectations or not, it seems that it was only made to fulfill the story that wasn’t seen Natasha in the movies and also to claim that the character could go beyond the sensuality that is in Hombre de Hierro (2008). Although the character has reached its stage ofEye catcher“Make it for the public Natasha it is remarkable about a Führer that they have decided to give the last «Eye plug » for the fans as several scenes focus heavily on Johansson’s curves (we don’t complain, we don’t applaud, we just mention it).

Flashback: Black Widow, the exciting start of Marvel’s Phase 4


Black widow It’s a bittersweet goodbye for many, empty for others and emotional for a few, yes, it’s true that Johansson didn’t shine in the story or on screen in the early stages when she was left behind as a “character in the corner” The truth is that they also didn’t have their iconic and individual moment that they wanted to give in the film.

Although many complain about it the plot doesn’t matter as we already know what’s going on in Endgame, the truth is that Black widow add a lot of details to the world underground from the MCU and shows us that terrible events are happening in this world that go unnoticed by heroes.

Is the film the MCU’s shocking return to the cinema? Yes and no, because although it gives us a good start to Phase 4, after something as big as Endgame Viewers can expect more than what they see on screen.

Is the tape bad? For nothing, the cast and history of Black widow they shine and keep you interested at all times, only there are no intergalactic threats here and this is more like the beginning of a new era, much like it used to be Hombre de Hierro back then.

Black widow is now available in theaters and on Disney + Premier access.

Speaking of whichDon’t forget that there is a post-credits scene.

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The series has 8 episodes so as we tell you it’s perfect for a marathon.

The neighborhood war is renewed.

Due to the popularity of the platform among users, I have already announced season 2 with a neighborhood ad.

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This time we tell you the story of a man in Brazil who went with his girlfriend to get the COVID-19 vaccine, nothing strange so far, but he generated his visit, met his wife and sister-in-law!

Day in and day out, the Internet provides us with stories worthy of a script that we might see in TV shows, sketches, or even a so-called Sunday movie.

In accordance with Act, the couple was captured at a vaccination center in the city of Bayeux, Paraiba state, Brazil. At first, rumors suggested this had happened in Colombia, but the rumor was quickly denied.

The Brazilian Newspaper ‘G1“He affirmed that the incident occurred on July 20th and, according to the Paraiba State Health Secretary, it was just a 4-person conflict that resulted in physical aggression and wrestling style, with chairs blown up blown up.

Field battle and “happy ending” in the vaccination center

The viral video, which has been shared several times, honors how one of the women throws a chair at another who, without thinking, reacts in the same way and ignites an open fight; while the man and fourth person, wearing a blue blouse, fight to one side as she falls to the ground.

Things got serious when the three women started pulling their hair, and as the discussion grew, the man tried to part them until he accomplished his mission. Special mention for the nurses present, who stood stoically and did their duty, protecting the consumables for the vaccination and dosing all 4 people involved in the fight.

Two women, one vaccine: he goes vaccinating with his girlfriend and gets to know his wife!

After starring in this incident, they will surely think hard before trying another bad move; It is not known if the couple ended the relationship or if the couple will stay together, but we do know the 4 were vaccinated, fulfilled their responsibilities and (mostly) made the best decision.

however, when the couple has ended the relationship or the couple continues to live together, we know that the 4 have been vaccinated, fulfilled their responsibilities and (mostly) made the best decision.

What do you think of this unfortunate coincidence in a vaccination center in Brazil?

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