Bitter draw from Benidorm against Anaitasuna

Benidorm game against Anaitasuna

Benidorm game against Anaitasuna
BM Benidorm

Distribution of points between Handball Benidorm and Helvetia Anaitasuna, in a game where the attacks were imposed on the defense. Brilliant start to the game for the locals, with good defense and great attack effectiveness, which clearly let the first sentences go home. With an 11 to 4, Quique Domínguez had to request time out and his team responded by turning the tables and taking a 1 to 7 to even out all the numbers. In the final moments, the Pamplonians would be more successful in front of goal and would manage to come to rest with a minimal margin of 17:18.

The game was very close and the second half would be an exchange of goals from both teams, lots of equality in electronics and minimal advantage until Fernando Latorre’s got two advantage goals that they would manage for many minutes. In the absence of 3 minutes, the game was put back on a table and everything was still to be decided, bad time to make some attack losses that breathed life into the visitors. End of myocardial infarction and distribution of the last points in a tie with 32 goals.

Data sheet:

BM. Benidorm 32 (17 + 15): Franzini (Roberto, ps); Colo (1), Iker (5), Pepe, Jules (2), James (5), Álvaro (2), Santi, José Mario (3), Pedro, Iván, Edu (1), Nacho (7), Nikcevic (1) and Luisfe (5).

Helvetia Anaitasuna 32 (18 + 14): Cancio (Bar, ps); Gastón (4), Bazán (4), Fernández (2), Etxeberria (3), Meoki (2), Hector González, García, Chocarro (3), de Souza (2), Izquierdo (6), del Arco (3 ), Albizu, Bonanno and Ortiz (3).

Share every 5 minutes: 4-1, 8-4, 11-5, 12-9, 15-14, 16-17, break, 19-20, 21-21, 25-24, 27-26, 31-30, 32-32.

referee: Macias de Paz and Ruiz Vergara (Andalusian School). They excluded Álvaro Ruiz and Iván Rodríguez for the locals and Meoki for the visitors.

Incidents: Game corresponding to the 7th day of the Sacyr Asobal Liga at the Palau d’Esports l’Illa de Benidorm in front of 500 fans.

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