Bioshock’s new “Creator” game is in big trouble

Ken Levine, author and creative director of Bioshock Yes BioShock InfiniteFor eight years he has been trying to create a new game with his studio Ghost Story. Thanks to a new report by Jason Schreier on Bloomberg, we learned that they are not only far from bringing a new title onto the market, but also the address of the so-called “Creator of Bioshock“Leaves a lot to be desired.

According to some employees and former employees of Ghost Story Studio, Ken Levine’s “creative process” and leadership style resulted in more than half of the founding members leaving the company. They accuse him of constantly changing the direction of the game and sometimes wasting months of work on his staff. They also say that he often verbally attacks those who “reject his vision” or who criticize him.

Ghost Story Studio, which started with just 12 employees, was supposed to focus on smaller projects with more creative freedom. But it seems that the ambitions of the so-called “creator of Bioshock“Still from a great AAA game. The studio currently has 32 employees and they still have nothing to show.

Ken Levine's new game, the

It seems that Ken Levine came up with the idea of ​​creating a new game using “narrative Legos” that would allow players to develop the story as they wish. This would take place in a space station with three different factions. The creative director also wanted to keep the cinematic style of his previous titles.

These great ambitions, coupled with sudden changes in Levine’s plans, have resulted in long delays in a project originally planned for 2017. One of the staff Schreier interviewed believes it could be two more years before Ghost Story Studio has a game.

Source: Bloomberg

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