Before ‘The Squid Game’ as ‘Save Me Lemon’

BarcelonaSure, the day you cross the hallway with your six year old son and he sings the weird thing Wall pica play song D ‘The squid game – In disturbingly persuasive Korean – you take a little restless leap. And if you talk about it, he can tell you about the various kids games that support this sinister Netflix series. But if you pull the strings, you can see that what he saw on YouTube are not the violent images of the series, but videos in which the various tests of this Korean fiction are played in video game format. And yes, the departed die, but with the same abstraction with which they also died, in the Spectrum generation – or Commodore or Amstrad or MSX – the protagonists of titles like Manic miner, command Ö Abu simbel.

Children, when they have an adult by their side, can see many more things than those that are strictly marked according to their age. This is not the case forThe squid gamethat is unruly enough to inadvertently discourage them. Well, with all the hysteria the show has caused, there is more bread than cheese. So far, no worrying incidents directly related to minors who saw him have been reported in the courtyards. The bastard has always played to kill himself and die: it’s part of the immunization against that cervical fear. Practice your own death to lose respect for it. Half a century ago with Indians and cowboys. Or cops and thieves. Today with a deadly wall-mounted sink.

It is important to remember that most of the children’s knowledge of the series does not come because they saw it, but because, as a good cultural phenomenon, it has led to a lot of conversations and the children’s antennas are always well placed. In addition, their digital references speak of it and games, variations, versions etc. appear that are quite harmless. After all, the damn violence inThe squid game It’s not about bullets – there’s a lot more mortality in everyoneLord of the Rings Ö war of stars– but the psychological one. And I very much doubt that the little ones can be interested in the series, because in addition to the dark games, the majority of the film material consists of dialogues that are only understandable from adulthood.

I won’t let my son watch the show. But taking responsibility seems naive or downright hypocritical to me: the climate of violence in which people grow up Pandemics it has many other causes. And in the end, that search for scapegoats in popular culture – now a series, before video games or rock music – is usually a conservative maneuver to avoid addressing the very root of the problem. We are a sociable species and we love the phenomena that no one will remember in two weeks. Meanwhile between 15,000 and 20,000 Spaniards under the age of 12 see each other Save me lemon – The beast, because it is broadcast in unprotected hours – and they are permeated with attitudes and manners that are far more worrying and that, to make matters worse, do not even present themselves for the fiction that they are.

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