Batman’s new trailer focuses on Bruce and Catwoman’s relationship

Two months ago, The Batman receive an advance payment as part of the DC FanDome 2021. Although this trailer featured the actors who will take part in the first story of Batman’s latest reinterpretation and its raw action scenes, it didn’t reveal much about the dynamics between Batman (Robert Pattinson) and Cat woman (Zoë Kravitz). Fortunately, Warner Bros. Pictures shared a late Christmas present: a new trailer. Not only does this focus on the aforementioned relationship, one of the most iconic in comics, but it also reveals more of Bruce Wayne / Bruno Díaz’s obsession with the Riddler’s (Paul Dano) crusade to reveal the dark secrets of Gotham City.

Similar to the previous one, this trailer also shows well-known and unreleased action scenes.

When will the The Batman In Colombia?

The release date of The Batman It will be March 4th, 2022. It is currently unknown whether the premiere of The Batman it will have the same date in Colombia and the rest of Latin America.

When will it arrive The Batman to HBO-Max?

In the latest episode of the Recode podcast, Jason Kilar – CEO of WarnerMedia – revealed it The Batman It will be available on HBO Max 45 days after its theatrical release. In other words, The Batman could reach HBO Max on April 19, 2022.

Who is involved in the production?

Batman Catwoman Trailer Release Date Colombia HBO Max
The latest trailer for The Batman shows that Catwoman will initially act as an antagonist, but not as a villain. However, he will eventually ally himself with Batman.

Matt Reeves – known for directing the last two films by planet of monkeys– He’s not just the director of The Batmanbut also works as a screenwriter and producer. Peter Craig —Known as a screenwriter for Dangerous attraction (2010) – also worked on the script and Dylan Clark —Who was the producer of the last trilogy of? planet of monkeys– accompanies Reeves as a producer. The feature film will be screened by Robert Pattinson, Paul Dano, Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Barry Keoghan, Jayme Lawson, Andy Serkis Yes Colin Farrell.

What will it be about The Batman?

Yes OK The Batman no origin story, will feature a Batman who is still green in some ways. Set in the midst of Batman’s second year of fighting crime, the plot revolves around Bruce Wayne / Bruno Díaz (Robert Pattinson), who discover how deeply corruption is ingrained in Gotham’s high positions and how he is inevitably connected to his family. Grappling with a dire possibility, the Dark Knight must also stop a new serial killer: The Acetijo (Paul Dano).

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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