Bangalore gets new cosmetics and stars in a story video on Gridiron

Apex legends Heralds the New Year by showing the attention and affection of one of the player’s favorite characters: Anita ‘Bangalore’ Williams. Not only did this legend just get a new cosmetic package inspired by his home planet, Gridiron, but he also stars in a brand new ‘Stories from the Wilds’ video.

To get started, you can watch the following video in Spanish:

This long story tells us how Bangalore must make difficult choices that will make her choose between her love for her brother Jackson and her loyalty to the cause as an IMC soldier. It is worth noting that the planet Gridiron will also be known to gamers from Titan Fall.

Bangalore Gridiron Package

On the occasion of the release of the video Stories from the Wild Lands: Gridiron, EA and Respawn have released a new cosmetic package for Bangalore. Costs 4,350 Apex Coins and includes the following items, some of which can be purchased separately:

Apex Legends: Bangalore gets new cosmetics & stars in Wildlands Stories video on Gridiron
  • Bangalore Legendary Skin: Mil-Spec (1,800 Apex Coins)
  • Legendary Bangalore Frame: Fire and Fury (1,000 Apex Coins)
  • Legendary Bangalore Emote: Recharge (1,250 Apex Coins)
  • Epic weapon pendant: family ties
  • Bangalore’s Legendary Fall: Target Practice (1,000 Apex Coins)
  • Bangalore Epic Holo: Williams on Active Duty
  • Strange quote from Bangalore: “I’m a bit competitive. It’s in my blood “

Bangalore Mil-Spec skin problems in Apex legends

Some players have reported using the Mil-Spec skin to crash the game. At the time of this writing, Respawn had not yet fixed the issue, despite reporting that it is working on it.

Source: EA

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