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Avofi, the spectacular application born thanks to the event in 2020 – We are not Ñoños



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Avofi was the winner of the Hackathon Avo Challenge, which took place at the end of 2020 as part of the Talent Land Latinoamerica from Jalisco, it was one of the great success stories of the event. The application is currently under development for its final version. Now while the Jalisco Talent Land Digital, Antonio Larios García de León, creative head of the project, reported on the company he founded with his father Antonio Larios.

Talent Land Digital 21: Avofi, the spectacular application born thanks to the event in 2020

The lecture by Antonio Larios Garciá de León

He started his presentation by stating that due to the pandemic in 2020 and especially after graduating from university, many of his business ideas had stalled and, given these circumstances, began looking for different companies to create a job opportunity.

In November 2020, he spotted the call to the Talent Land Avo Challenge, a competition that involved developing software prototypes to develop a sustainable production scheme for natural areas and avocados, applications that highlight the economic, social and environmental benefits in Zapotlan. should harmonize El Big. On this occasion I do not hesitate to attend as he is from Morelia.

Family teamwork

Together with his father, an agronomist, they decided to enroll, as he undoubtedly believed that the skills of both could add to a great project. The first draft submitted specified the functions of avocado management, monitoring, AI and production data with the aim of achieving a positive impact on local companies.

The Avofi prototype

After immersing themselves in the competition, together with allies who joined his project, they managed to establish a working prototype, the Avosmart, and after days of intense activity during the hackathon, the prototype took first place in the competition.

And so Talent Land contacted them in collaboration with CECyTE to continue the project. In this way, the work team was enlarged and the planning and development process of the business model was established, based on three basic pillars: learning, building and measuring.

In-depth investigation

To uncover the problems with growing avocados in Zapotlán el Grande, an extensive documentary study was carried out and they found that the entire agricultural area of ​​the community had grown in unimaginable ways.

“In the last 35 years, 135 days there have been temperatures below 10 °, which has had a major impact on the avocado fruit. In 2021 20% of the days had temperatures below 10 ° C. These hypotheses were validated by conducting focus groups. “

Based on the results, they achieved the Trademark of the brand, and they were able to develop the information on the minimally viable product (a factor that aids in interpreting the data obtained that is of value to the manufacturers).

What does Avofi offer for plants?

Antonio Larios mentions that with the help of the application, his team is trying to develop tools to generate satellite imagery and information in real time to have more certainty about what is happening in the fields.

According to the schemes of AvofiThey are also trying to add pest and disease detection in plants, with real-time alerts of these two variables under 3 alert levels, depending on their severity. This communication network makes it easier for farmers to recognize these dangers in good time and to generate direct solutions.

Talent Land Digital 2021 offers a competition of the same caliber

His talk ended by thanking Talent Land for their support in running his project and inviting other talents to actively participate in all planned events as, thanks to Talent Land Digital 2021, they could be the next to develop similar software.

This Thursday, the winners of this year’s Talent Hackathon will be announced at 5 p.m. as part of the Talent Land Digital 2021 presentation.

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The Neighborhood War is Renewed by Netflix for Season 2 – We’re Not Children




Approximate reading time: 2 protocol

Neighbors war It’s the new Mexican original comedy series from Netflix that premiered this July, and apparently it has been so well received that the platform decided to extend it for a second season just a little over 20 days after it premiered.

It is one of the top 10 most watched series on Netflix this month. So if you didn’t give her a chance, you might be missing out on a good comedy for the marathon weekend.

In the comedy created by Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariñana, Vanessa Bauche and Ana Layevska, who play Leonor and Silvia, play two women and family mothers who are involved in a power struggle from very different walks of life, and because of the twists and turns that life takes now to neighbors, get caught up in a series of constant confrontations in which they fight for what each thinks is best for their family.

The series has 8 episodes so as we tell you it’s perfect for a marathon.

The neighborhood war is renewed.

Due to the popularity of the platform among users, I have already announced season 2 with a neighborhood ad.

»Dear neighbors: We inform you that the Lópezes will stay here – yes, with everything and a donkey – because Guerra de Vecinos will have a second season.

We hope that by then the coexistence between the Espinozas and the Lópezes will improve and that their mutual appearances will not affect the harmony of the neighborhood. In the meantime, to celebrate the news, we will make an exception so that the gong will sound and we will make a characteristic Lopez cheer together. Are they funded or what? 1, 2, 3; Looooooooopeeeeez! »

War of Neighbors is a Mexican series by Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariñana (there are only two mother), produced by Moisés Chiver (Club de Cuervos), who plays Vanessa Bauche and Ana Layevska in her first season, and also by Pascacio López. contributes, Mark Tacher, Elyfer Torres, Marco León, Loreto Peralta, Armando Saíd Flores, Sara Quintero, Christian Vasquez, Isabela Fox, Ixchel Flores, Mauricio López Rober and Adria Morales.

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‘Where There Was Fire’ starts recording with Itatí Cantoral and Eduardo Capetillo – No Somos Ñoños




Approximate reading time: 2 protocol

Eduardo Capetillo returns to the screens with Itatí Cantoral Where there was fire, Production that promises danger, fire, romance and loads of action

Today the recordings of Where there was fire, the new Netflix production that stars Itatí Cantoral and Eduardo Capetillo, who is back in the world of melodramas.

‘Where there was fire’ begins the recording with Itatí Cantoral and Eduardo Capetillo
  • “I am very happy to be able to take part in this action-packed Netflix production with a lovable love story. Additionally, I am proud to share with the great Eduardo Capetillo, we are sure that with this great team and story we will be a success for Netflix. Thank you and see you in Where there was fire “. Itatí Cantoral mentioned in an interview.
  • “I’m very excited to be back in the melodramatic world, but now on Netflix. The freedom to tell a story that promises so much adrenaline is undoubtedly a great challenge, it motivates me to do my best and that is the goal that all of us who are involved in this production have. I am convinced that we can tell a story that will captivate the entire audience and that will undoubtedly set the standard, not just for novel stories, but for all love stories.. Eduardo Capetillo added

Created by José Ignancio Valenzuela “El Chascas”, the brain behind the worldwide success Who Killed Sara?, the Mexican novel Where there was fire It pays homage to the women and men who give up their lives to save us. So we experience what goes on inside and outside an attractively staffed fire station, in which mystery, adventure and romance mix.

the novel Where there was fire It will be available on the platform next year.

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He accompanies his girlfriend to the vaccination and gets to know his wife! – We are not Ñoños




Approximate reading time: 2 protocol

This time we tell you the story of a man in Brazil who went with his girlfriend to get the COVID-19 vaccine, nothing strange so far, but he generated his visit, met his wife and sister-in-law!

Day in and day out, the Internet provides us with stories worthy of a script that we might see in TV shows, sketches, or even a so-called Sunday movie.

In accordance with Act, the couple was captured at a vaccination center in the city of Bayeux, Paraiba state, Brazil. At first, rumors suggested this had happened in Colombia, but the rumor was quickly denied.

The Brazilian Newspaper ‘G1“He affirmed that the incident occurred on July 20th and, according to the Paraiba State Health Secretary, it was just a 4-person conflict that resulted in physical aggression and wrestling style, with chairs blown up blown up.

Field battle and “happy ending” in the vaccination center

The viral video, which has been shared several times, honors how one of the women throws a chair at another who, without thinking, reacts in the same way and ignites an open fight; while the man and fourth person, wearing a blue blouse, fight to one side as she falls to the ground.

Things got serious when the three women started pulling their hair, and as the discussion grew, the man tried to part them until he accomplished his mission. Special mention for the nurses present, who stood stoically and did their duty, protecting the consumables for the vaccination and dosing all 4 people involved in the fight.

Two women, one vaccine: he goes vaccinating with his girlfriend and gets to know his wife!

After starring in this incident, they will surely think hard before trying another bad move; It is not known if the couple ended the relationship or if the couple will stay together, but we do know the 4 were vaccinated, fulfilled their responsibilities and (mostly) made the best decision.

however, when the couple has ended the relationship or the couple continues to live together, we know that the 4 have been vaccinated, fulfilled their responsibilities and (mostly) made the best decision.

What do you think of this unfortunate coincidence in a vaccination center in Brazil?

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