Australia’s most popular pet names for 2021 are revealed as Archie and Luna

Australia’s top cosmetic names for 2021 are revealed – with great inspiration from celebrity babies and Prince Harry’s son

  • Australia’s hottest dog and cat names have been revealed for 2021
  • Research shows that classics like Luna and Archie are still hot pet favorites
  • Girl names like Daisy, Bella, and Ruby were popular with women

Celebrity kids and the British royal family inspired Australia’s most popular pet names in 2021, new research shows.

A study by Pet Insurance Australia unearthed the hottest names for dogs and cats, with Archie – the name of the two-year-old son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – taking first place as the most popular name for male fur babies.

Luna – the name of the five-year-old daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen – topped the list of women in both the cat and dog categories, followed by a flurry of human girl names like Daisy, Bella, Molly and Ruby.

Milo, Teddy and Charlie were high on the list of males, while Simba, Leo and Loki were popular with males.

A study by Pet Insurance Australia found the trendiest names for dogs and cats, with Archie taking the top spot as the most common name for male fur babies

The hippest dog girls

1. Luna

2. Daisies

3. Bella

4. Coconut

5. Molly

6. Ruby

7. Frankie

8. Lola

9. Willow

10. Nala

The hottest boy dogs

1. Archie

2. Milo

3. Teddy

4. Charlie

5. Alfie

6. Leo

7. Ollie

8. Buddy

9. Max

10. Loki

Her second appearance in the top 10 after her debut in 2020 was Nala for female cats.

Many names made the top 10 for the second time after debuting the list in 2020.

The Disney-inspired Nala came in fourth for the female cats, while the snack-inspired Oreo came in tenth for the men.

To help you choose a name for your pet you won’t regret, Nadia Crighton, spokeswoman for Pet Insurance Australia, shared tips on how to get it right the first time.

The hottest cat girls

1. Luna

2. coconut

3. Bella

4. Nala

5. Billion

6. Willow

7. Lola

8. Lucy

9. Lily

10. Misty

The hottest boy cats

1. Simba

2. Leo

3. Loki

4. Milo

5. Charlie

6. Ollie

7. Louis

8. Winston

9. Mochi

10. Oreo

Pet Insurance Australia spokeswoman Nadia Crighton says it is important to consider how a name “carries” when you call it out before giving it to your pet (stock photo)

Ms. Crighton said it was important to consider whether the name would carry well when called out.

She said that two-syllable names for pets work best because they are the easiest for them to hear.

Ms. Crighton recommends having a few potential names on hand before you get your fur baby and trying them out for the first few days to see what fits.

She said it is worth thinking about what kind of name will continue to go with your pet as it gets older.


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