Australians are more afraid of Covid than ever before during the pandemic

More Australians now fear that they will contract Covid-19 than ever since the pandemic began.

New research from the Australian National University found that 40 percent believe they will likely contract the virus in the next six months.

This is compared to the previous high of 39.5 percent, which was recorded in the first weeks of the first Covid ban in 2020 and 10.7 percent in April of this year.

More Australians now fear that they will contract Covid-19 than ever since the pandemic began. Pictured: Masked shoppers walk through Pitt Street Mall in Sydney

The results are based on a university survey of nearly 3,500 Australian adults.

Study co-author Professor Nicholas Biddle said the rise in fear of infection coincided with easing lockdown restrictions and increased movement across the country.

“This is a giant leap and shows that although the vast majority of adult Australians are vaccinated against Covid-19, many of us believe that it is inevitable that we will get the disease at some point,” said Professor Biddle.

The poll also found that the majority of people thought the worst of the pandemic in Australia was behind.

However, more than 45 percent of respondents believe the worst is yet to come.

Australians were more optimistic about the pandemic than Americans, who, according to a poll, 54 percent said the worst of Covid hadn’t happened yet.

Professor Biddle said there was an alarming trend towards an increase in the number of people suffering from severe psychological distress due to the pandemic.

People queue in their cars for a Covid test at a drive-through proving ground in the Shepparton Sports Precinct in Shepparton, Victoria

“In October, 12.5 percent of Australians reported having severe mental stress, compared to an earlier high of 10.6 percent in April 2020,” he said.

“This is the highest level of severe psychological distress that we have seen so far.”

However, fewer respondents said that they were exposed to great financial stress from Covid.

This is because the rate of people fully vaccinated rose to 84.2 percent while 91.1 percent received their first dose.

More than 128,000 vaccines were administered across the country on Wednesday.

The government has stepped up biosecurity measures in the Northern Territory as the top end deals with a spike in covid.

The measures will prevent anyone from entering or leaving the remote Robinson River community that was at the center of the outbreak by November 22nd.

The NT recorded no new cases of Covid-19 as of Thursday, while there were 262 cases and three deaths in NSW and 25 cases in the ACT.

Victoria registered 1,007 new infections and 12 deaths before easing restrictions that allow dancing in nightclubs and no density restrictions on cafes and restaurants, which will go into effect from Friday.

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