Attention! You need to delete these apps from your Android smartphone now!

This warning is serious and very important. New apps are circulating on the Google Play Store that pose a great danger to those who have installed them and therefore need to delete them from your Android smartphone. All because it contains the well-known Joker threat that we talked about on Leak. In addition to stealing our personal information, it also subscribes to us for several premium services.

Attention! You have to delete these apps from your Android smartphone!

The Joker manages to infiltrate our smartphone and makes us pay a large amount of money for services at the end of the month.

Delete smartphone apps

Delete smartphone apps
Image: AndroidPolice

According to a tweet by Kaspersky researcher Tatyana Shishkova, there are seven new applications with this threat and the problem is that many people already have them installed. However, they have already been removed from the Google Store, but now you need to remove them from your smartphone.

So see if you have any of these Android apps that you need to delete:

  • Now QRcode scan – over 10,000 installations
  • EmojiOne Keyboard – Over 50,000 installs
  • Battery Charging Animations Battery Wallpaper – Over 1,000 installs
  • Dazzling keyboard – More than 10 installations
  • Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer – 100+ installations
  • Superhero Effect – Over 5,000 Installations
  • Classic Emoji Keyboard – Over 5,000 installs

Currently, fake and dangerous apps are doing everything they can to break into official business and thus encourage criminal activity. In order not to fall into scams, it is very important to always look into the comment field. In many cases, when it comes to fake apps, people complain that they installed them and are doing nothing. Or that they filled the smartphone with advertising.

The joker is the great threat

In fact, it is one of the prime culprits of so much app-level damage and uses multiple techniques to do this. So anything is possible from code changes to loading threats after installing apps. The latest are specifically designed to steal SMS messages, contact lists, device information and even register victims with value-added services.

Some app categories are more affected than others

If we look at the types of apps most affected, we can see that there are five categories that are most attacked. Perhaps the ones that generate more downloads and, as such, become more interesting.

However, we have apps for health, photography, tools, personalization, and communication. As a result, they are the most vulnerable category within these tools. This is because people usually look for applications that can solve problems on smartphones.

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