Attention! After all, this is the best free antivirus for Windows!

An antivirus is essential for us to be protected and this is where the offer is great. Hence, we have free options, which are usually more limited, and paid options. When we think about these uses, many names come to mind. But what if we tell you the best free antivirus is the one that we don’t even have to download because it is already installed on the system? It’s really true! The well-known testing company AV-test has tested several security applications and found that Microsoft Defender is the best free antivirus for Windows and even better than many paid ones!

Attention! After all, this is the best free antivirus for Windows!

AV-Test found that Microsoft Defender blocks 100% of all zero-day attacks on the internet, which is undoubtedly fantastic. The same goes for malicious websites and emails. It also identified the most popular malware that attacks the Internet with an effectiveness rate of 100%.

But those aren’t the only strengths of Microsoft Defender. AV-Test also found that Microsoft’s bet has less influence on the loading speed of websites compared to other systems. However, it seems to bother installing applications more.

Compared to other solutions like Kaspersky, McAfee, AVG and others, Microsoft Defender is still faster. In fact, it is one of the reasons many people use it.

But how much can antivirus software slow down a computer?

Microsoft Defender can delay between 5 and 7%. AVG delays between 9 and 16%. On the other hand, Avast can have an impact between 17 and 39%. However, McAfee has an impact between 10 and 21% and Kaspersky between 13 and 26%.

However, the full results can be seen here.

It’s interesting to see that the antivirus that came with Windows actually protects us well. This is the only way we don’t have to spend a penny.

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