Attack in Los Angeles at Yo-Kai Watch Puni Puni and Evangelion Event

During this year we will experience that Finale-Finale of the truth, now yeah, seriously, of the franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion, some others don’t want to let her go. Not only Bandai has released their own Tamagotchi style EVA pilots, but these characters look like Evangelion they will be “reborn” thanks to the puzzle game with RPG elements, YesWatch o-kai Puni Puni.

In this collaboration of the Level 5 Mobile title, we’ll see Shinji, Mari, Rei, and Asuka in the form of “pseudo-beans” paired with some yo-kai. During the event, players can find special scenarios based on the movie tetralogy Rebuilding Evangelion. Hence, we also see makinami and boss fights inspired by some angels.

Published in Japan in 2015, Yo-kai clock Puni Puni came to the west as Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, but the servers of this one were closed in 2018. Players must remove the Wib Wobs from each puzzle by combining several of the same type. This brings experience to the Yo-kai team, whose special attacks help on every level. The characters of Evangelion they each represent a Wib Wob.

The collaboration of Evangelion Yes Yo-kai Puni Puni. look at It will be active on iOS and Android from December 16.

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