At least three dead in mass demonstrations against the coup in Sudan

BarcelonaAt least three people were killed by Sudanese forces in the protests on Saturday against last Monday’s coup. Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets to express their opposition to the military junta established with the coup and to call for a civilian government. In Khartoum, security forces used tear gas and keen fire to try to disperse a large crowd after protesters stopped to set a stage for speeches and while discussing the possibility of an indefinite installation, a Reuters witness said .

According to the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors, three demonstrators were shot dead by soldiers in Omdurman, the capital’s twin town. According to the same body, 38 people were injured, some by gunfire. Up to 13 people were killed in several smaller protests during the week. This Saturday was the most overcrowded mobilization so far.

The protesters carried Sudanese flags and chanted slogans such as “A military regime cannot be defended” and “This land is ours and our government is civil” as they marched through the neighborhoods of the capital, Khartoum. People took to the streets in other cities in Sudan as well. “The people have sent their message that withdrawal is impossible and that power belongs to the people,” one of the protesters, Haitham Mohamed, told Reuters.

Challenge to General Fattah

The mass protests this Saturday are the biggest challenge so far for General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who overthrew Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok’s cabinet on Monday. “Right from the start, it was a misjudgment and a misunderstanding of the commitment, courage and concern that the road has for the future of Sudan,” said Jonas Horner from the International Crisis Group.

The United States and the World Bank have frozen aid to Sudan, where the economic crisis is causing severe food and drug shortages and nearly a third of the population is in dire need of humanitarian aid.

Deposed civilian government ministers backed the protests in a statement, saying the army would “find no free Sudanese forces or real democratic revolutionary forces to partner in power”. In central Khartoum there was heavy military action by armed forces and security forces blocked roads leading to the Ministry of Defense complex and the airport.

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